Disappointed with installation of basic cable/high speed internet.

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Disappointed with installation of basic cable/high speed internet.

I had just recently had my basic cable and high speed internet hooked up this last Friday. I was very excited to have everything hooked up due to the fact that I had just recently moved into a new apartment with my fiancé and two kids. I had in visioned a lay out I wanted my living room to look with my tv up against I certain wall and my couch set I would be getting in the near future. I had told my fiancé how I wanted the tv to be positioned in the living and to direct the technician in how I wanted things to look because I was going to be at work. I had received a phone call around one o'clock in the after noon from the technician stating that he would be arriving to hook up are services. I then called my fiancé to let her know that a technician from Rogers would be arriving soon. When he had arrived at our apartment a young man knocked on the door and mentioned he was the technician to my fiancé. he didn't have any identification or uniform showing/stating he was a Rogers employee. He looked around the apartment n evaluated the living room to find where the cable wire was running from. After locating the cable cord witch was against another wall where my entrance to my balcony was. he then made a series or suggestions on where we should put our tv stand cause he stated quote on quote "that he would not be able to hook up my cable to the tv because where it was situated and because it was against a different wall from where the cable cord was located" he then told my fiancé she should move the tv stand against the wall where the cable was located. She had then stated that the tv stand was to heavy to move. he offered to assist her in moving it , he had told her to drag the stand while he pushed it cause it was going to be to heavy to move. She had then told him that she didn't want to scratch the hard wood flooring and how she would rather lift it than damage the floors. After moving the stand he had realized that there wasn't a power outlet located on that wall. He had then asked if she had a extension cord/power bar witch we didn't. He then told her that he wouldn't be able to hook it up against this wall either because of the fact there wasn't any power outlet. he then asked her to assist him in moving it a second time. After moving it he left the apartment and returned with his tools and supplies he needed. He then began running a cable wire against the wall to reach my tv he had moved from its original location. during the installation he had received a phone call from a person on his personal phone and began talking on the phone while installing everything about the weather and other unrelated work topics. He then finished the installation witch only took him 30-45 mins and then left. I then arrived home from work and inspected the job he had done and noticed that he did not do a very good job. With loose wire sticking up from the trim and staples in my trim that do not stay in the wall. I am very upset and disappointed with the services provided with the Rogers tech and feel like I wasn't givens the best/proper customer service I also feel that the technician was not professional in conducting his task and what was expected from him. I now have to angle my tv stand in a weird position because it is facing my dining room witch causes me to expose loose n excess cable cords. I have a two year old daughter who now manages to find her way behind the tv because the way my tv is angled. I now have to figure out how I am going to rearrange and move my tv stand where it was intended to go originally I now have to take money out my own pockets to re-due the cable wire where he had installed it. I am a new customer with Rogers and I feel like Rogers has failed to provide the best customer service that they could of provided.




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Re: Disappointed with installation of basic cable/high speed internet.

While i agree they could have done a litte bit more, etc.. they are limited in what they can do.

Especially in the case of an apartment, they have limitations of how/where they can do stuff.
They are NOT allowed to, nor do they have access.. to run a new line, etc, through walls, etc to a different spot.  (this even goes for the case of a regular house).  In the case say of a house with an open ceiling basement.. they can do some across that, etc.. but thats about the limit.

So depending on where the line came in, there may not have been much they could have done (not seeing say a picture layout its hard to say)


IF it was something say where it was around the room, where it wasnt going across say a doorway opening, etc.. they could have run a cable along the baseboard, etc.


IF you are willing to post a picture of the room, etc.. some of us could let you know how feasible it would be to do it.

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Re: Disappointed with installation of basic cable/high speed internet.

If you want a custom installation, you pretty much have to hire a licensed electrician to run cables and install electrical outlets, providing your apartment management will allow that. All Rogers techs are allowed to do is run cable along baseboards and around doorways, stapling them in place. They can't even drill a hole through a wall but have to run the cable all the way around on the surface, If you're not handy enough to install cable inside walls and add electrical outlets, you need to hire a licensed tradesman to do it or be happy with what Rogers does.

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Re: Disappointed with installation of basic cable/high speed internet.

I dunno if rogers does this but if there was any sort of unprofessionalism with the installers job ie: nails and wires exposed when it should be secured, mess left behind, etc, then u mite wanna file an installers complaint and a supervisor will look into ur complaint, and possibly work with u to correct it to the best of their abilities also taking into consideration that u live in a appartment and there are some limitations they have but if u wanna do them urself ur more then welcommed.