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Re: Digital adapter

@Gdkitty wrote:

You are correct, that technically almost all new TVs have a 'digital' tuner in them.. that they can receive digital signals.
This works perfectly fine, with say an OTA antenna, etc.

The problem is, that rogers signals are encyrpted.  The TV does not know how/what to decode this signal.
That is what the box does.

And to expand some more on what I said, because I couldn't quite remember, yes the new TVs do receive and play some digital signals. Before I had the DTA50 on it, my 20" Seiki kitchen TV would receive some unencrypted Rogers signals on the upper channels, like menu pictures. 

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Re: Digital adapter

Rogers is supplying us with the Digital Adapter Cisco P/N DTA50..
This adaptor receives a "Digital" TV signal and then drops it down to an "Analog" TV signal..(Coax Cables)..
I did not realize that till now..

Cisco also manufactures another Digital Adapter P/N DTA 170HD..
This adaptor receives a "Digital" TV signal and sends a "Digital" TV signal..(HDMI Connection)..
However whether Rogers will offer the DTA 170 digital adapters is the question.
It makes more sense from a greedy corporate view to not offer DTA 170, and force any customers
who want HD to pay 10 to 15 dollars rental fee, plus you can also sell your customer pay per view, and other services.

That is why I hate monopolies in this country..
Monopolies are against the law in the U.S.
I have (x2) sons that each have a Rogers set top box..
I have (x1) Rogers set top box..
My wife has (x1) DTA50..
Now according to Rogers, we are at the "maximum" input of (x4) Rogers connections, with our present package..
To add a (5th) Rogers connection requires a new package costing more ($'s)..
My wife watches TV in the Kitchen -OR- watches TV in the Bedroom to help her to go to sleep..
Now my wife only gets to watch "Fishes"..
There is "No" way I will pay more ($'s) just for (x1) extra "Analog" TV..

I am presently looking at the Digital Adapter DTA50 that is in the Kitchen..
I am also looking at going "Wireless"..
It would be so much "Easier" if there was a HDMI connection..
The main cable connection "Coax" to the [Cable In] DTA50 unit..
Using a RCA Compact RF Modulator CRF907R..
From the DTA50 unit [To TV] cable connection "Coax" to the CRF907R [ANT IN]..
From the CRF907R unit [To TV] cable connection "Coax" to the Kitchen TV..
Using a Nyrius 5.8GHz 4 Channel "Wireless" Audio/Video Transmitter & Receiver..
From the CRF907R unit [x3 RCA Jacks] cable connections "RCA" to Wireless Transmitter in the Kitchen..
Place a Wireless Receiver in the Bedroom..
Connect the [x3 RCA Jacks] to the Bedroom TV..

Special Note:
There are different models where more than (x1) TV can have a Wireless "Receiver"..
The TV that has the Digital Adapter DTA50, will have full TV "Channel" control..
The other TV's connected "Wireless" to the DTA50 will "NOT" have TV "Channel" control..
All the TV's can "Only" watch the "Same" TV show..

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Re: Digital adapter

I do wish that rogers offered the DTA 170 as well.. way back when the DTAs came out, i looked into those.
Would at least give HD, etc.

BUT, it comes down to partially $$ too.

From what i could see (at the time as least, from other places that did sell them).
The DTA50, retails for $50...which makes sense and is about right.. If you cancel rogers and dont return the free DTA 50, then they charge you $40.

But comparatively, at that time, the DTA170, was retailing for $129-150.  QUITE a price difference.. and at that pricing not likely something that rogers could offer for FREE.

Though, having it as an option might be good.. a $4 rental, instead of 15 for the full HD, etc.

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Re: Digital adapter


The DTA 170 would be a great idea even if customers had to pay a nominal rental fee of $2-4 per month. With the HDMI connection you get a full HD picture. These (or similar ones) are widely used in the U.S. but I agree with @Ed1952 in that Rogers is not likely to ever make this option available as they want you to pay much more for the full HD boxes.

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Re: Digital adapter

So we have a TV in my sons room. When we used analog cable I could block some channels with the TV's options but now with the Digital Adapter we can not block any channels. So either (a) we just hope he doesn't put on anything inappropriate or (b) we have to pay Rogers for a digital box... Seems like both options suck

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Re: Digital adapter

Yes, the more expensive set top boxes have the ability to password block channels. The DTA50 only receives the basic cable channels. Depends what you consider disturbing or inappropriate for a young boy, but I suppose news channels and many commercials could be. Other than banning TV altogether (not a bad idea), you could leave it on Treehouse and hide the remote.

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Re: Digital adapter



I can help clear up some things regarding your post.


There is no maximum number of outlets, ever. You can have as many as you want. BUT, there is (I believe) a one time cost to hook up the second connection to get cable outlets 5 - 8. It is never necessary to pay more per month just to get extra outlets, unless you are on Basic TV and want to get rid of the 'Extra Outlet Fee'.


But remember that digital adapters are only available for existing cable connections in the home without a digital box of any sort. So if you do hook up these extra outlets, you will need to have rented/purchased equipment to utilize with them.