Digital TV with tuner and a card

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Digital TV with tuner and a card

i have been using my media center for years and years. there is no substitution for it. but with all the channels moving to digital none of the good ones work. so i plan on using a DVB-C Dual Tuner Cable TV Card To decrypt the scambled signal. the way it work is By inserting the correct CAM and "Subscription smartcard" into the CI slot, encrypted pay TV will be available, which is provided by the distributor. Rogers.


Dose rogers provide this car? i called once and was met with a really confused induvidial. what level of tech support should i reach?



I use a media center pc because all my video's pictires are all stored on my nas. which i access through the pc. also i remote desktop to it with a tablet to controle the pc and in turn the tv signal.


I hope this is all clear and straight forward. im looking to see what the proper "phrase" or keywords i need to say for their flow charts to bring up the right info.


Im not willing to use a rogers provided or rented PVR. they arnt as good or upgradable as the pc is, plus you cant go on a normal website and watch video's(not youtube and netflix) so im not even considering that as a option.


But i would like to pay for rental on a decription smart card, free is better.



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Re: Digital TV with tuner and a card

If you want to legally watch Rogers Cable, you need a Rogers box.


Rogers does not rent or sell cable cards.

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Re: Digital TV with tuner and a card

Unfortunately, cablecard, is not something that has been approved by the CRTC, etc and it not used by ANY provider in canada.

There is no way to get this card, as they dont use it, no way to provision it, etc.
Their stuff, uses a different type of enryption, done through each rogers box itself.


I have helped a few to try and get a similar setup as you done.
Is it doable?  yes..
But not quite in the way you are wanting.. it reqires a little more jurry rigging.

Really in the end, you need a digital box.  One way or the other.
You can choose what type.. depending on type of signal you want, SD, HD, etc.. channel range, etc... weither you go with an HD box, or just an SD or a DTA.

From there.. you would want to make sure you get a TV tuner card, with an IR blaster in it.
You would then set it up, that when it wants to 'tune' a channel, that it will just remain on the video input, and then the IR blaster would send the channel change signal to the box to tune to the channel you want.



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Digital TV with tuner and a card

LOL of coarse legally. Sa fir this not being available in Canada. That makes sense as to why tech support had no clue what I'm talking about.

My second rout was to go with a irblaster and use the box as a decripter. The downside is that I can only watch one channel. And I often record two at the same time.

The windows MCE remote receiver has a ir blaster port out on it. And the software is setup to work with a cable box.

So is XBMC IF someone wanted to run a raspberry pie. Or a chrome machine.

Sucks to hear.