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Digital TV Newbie

I'm new to digital TV, got tired of losing analog channels and decided to upgrade rather than go the digital adapter route. Questions: If I go with a Nextbox 3.0 on my main TV, what's the minimum device I need for my other TVs to just watch (ie. no PVR, no on demand etc.).




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Re: Digital TV Newbie

All the available boxes are as follows

DTA - Digital adapter - Only gives channels 1-60 (per your package), SD only, no guide, on demand, etc.
SD Box - Any channels that are in SD are available (per your package), SD only, includes guide, on demand, etc.
Cisco 4642 - HD box, all channels (as per your package), includes guide, on demand, etc.


So really comes down to if you want HD or not.  If you do, then you only have one option.  if not, the SD box or DTA may do you fine.

Going with the HD boxes, you can also have them come out (for $50) to set up whole home.. which then will allow to set a recording on the other PVR box, as well as do playback from the PVR box on the other TV.