Delete recording "not at this time"

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Delete recording "not at this time"

With the recent navigator update, when trying to delete a recording after watching, the response is"not at this time". You need to wait a while and try again. Why wasn't this tested before releasing the update? Anyone have a workaround?
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Delete recording "not at this time"

Yeah, I've noticed recently (in the last week or so) that (occasionally) when I go to delete a programme it will not allow me to delete it.  I usually just try again a few seconds later and it works.  This may be similar to the "not enough resources" issue that used to happen a while back for some people. My guess is that the PVR is "busy" doing other things when you're trying to delete that programme.


Just another Navigatr quirk and poor coding that has been discussed extensively in the various Navigatr threads.


My 9865 has not rebooted since November 11, so I'll try a reboot to see if that solves the problem.