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DVR is useless

I've Been Around

It has been a month now of recordings (set to erase after a year) spontaneously disappearing (not even available in the restore deleted folder). After it deleted some random things that were a few months old it has now been mostly new recordings. They will record and maybe stay for an hour and then poof all of a sudden gone. Very frustrating.

Customer service has been useless. One will say that's how it's supposed to work. One will say it's too full (even though back in December I had it at 99% full with no issues). And then another will create a ticket (which is never followed up on). They brought me a new box (I assume just hoping I would shut up). Nothing has changed. Very fed up.

We're back to basically having arial tv and watching stuff when it's on...but paying over $100 for it. Looking for other providers today. Just wanted to post in case anyone else out there is having the same trouble: you're not alone.



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Re: DVR is useless

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What box do you have right now? My legacy PVR is set to only erase if I ask it to (mine doesn't have a setting for a year).

Refurbished legacy boxes are old and thus less reliable.

You can try going into your box settings (via Menu button), and checking what your default recording setting is. Try changing it to something else, and then back to what you want it to be. Reboot the box, and then check the default recording settings again to see if they stayed the same. You can also check to see what your previously recorded content is currently showing (a year, a week, etc.).

Perhaps the box you had, and the new box Rogers brought you, have failing circuitry and/or hard drives that are beginning to show their age.

The Rogers IgniteTV system uses cloud recording (recordings can last up to a year, depending on setting), so you don't have to worry about failed hard drives (although the tv box itself might need to be replaced after a while), however, IgniteTV cloud-recording system is also far from perfect.

I would also hate to be stuck with live tv (due to box failures), so if you can't fix your current box situation soon, I hope you find another way to get your tv-recording life back.

Re: DVR is useless

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Resident Expert

@drusilla126 : I'm assuming you have IgniteTV (your post is in the Legacy Digital Cable forum)?  If so, please check out the following thread on why recordings can "go missing".


- the way you label the recording (say when room is needed instead of 1 year).


- The fact that you're running too close to the limit - Anything over 80-90% is "dangerous" if you have recordings scheduled.  See link below:


If you're still on Legacy Digital Cable, then you're not going to get much assistance from Rogers since they're trying to migrate everyone to IgniteTV.

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