DTV E940

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Re: DTV E940

@57  wrote:

Here are my comments and questions.  Please answer all questions in detail.


1. This is a standard definition box - typically pretty poor picture quality.

2. Do you want to connect "through" the receiver?  If so, does the receiver accept composite video (yellow cable) inputs and does it have a composite output to go to the projector? (or upconvert the incoming composite signal to whatever you're using to connect to the projector)  What cable is connected to the projector?  How long is it?

3. You could connect a composite video cable directly to the projector, assuming it accepts composite.

4. You could connect S-video to the projector, assuming it accepts S-video.

5. What is the exact make and model of your projector?

6. What is the exact make and model of your receiver?

7. If the projector is HD, why not consider purchasing an HD box - they are very inexpensive now with lots of people going to IgniteTV.

8. Checklist for purchasing a used box below:

Good one. Thanks for sharing a nice piece of info.