Current ( Oct 2015 ) TV Ad

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Re: Current ( Oct 2015 ) TV Ad

@OLDYELLR wrote:

@billmcintyre I'm not entirely sure whom you're replying to, but this really isn't funny. It's political correctness run amock. This started by someone reporting a TV ad that offended their  religious sensibilities, I have to guess. Rogers stated their policy on diversity and that was that.  If someone then had jumped in and questioned an image where Rogers used a white couple to represent typical happy customers and demanded diversity, hoards of people would be jumping out of the woodwork demanding change. But if someone points out an image with a happy black couple and suggests more diversity, they're instantly branded as a bigot. What kind of double standard is that? 


I think you just fell into the same trap I did, @OLDYELLR.....  you need to add a sarcastic smiley at the end of his rant, as I has to with yours 😃

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Re: Current ( Oct 2015 ) TV Ad

Yup. I'm just not sure who I was taking a dig at, the OP, whoever thought I was being racist, or Rogers. I'll never now be able to run for political office because it's all out on the Internet for posterity.  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Current ( Oct 2015 ) TV Ad



I was directing sarcasm at the OP - but I completely understand that you guys may have missed that point,making it less clear what I was trying to say.


So for future reference - if you are trying to make a sarcastic point, you may want to check the tone of your post.  The tone may have been altered in such a way that your message might no longer be clear.


Oh - and also, I wasn't able to log onto this website for 24 hours to make myself more clear - because my whole neighborhood had its internet not working properly from about noon yesterday to about 11 am today.  I found this out after having a tech person come out at 8 am this morning and spend most of an hour tearing my entertainment system apart.


Thanks Rogers.    I didn't really want to sleep in this morning.