CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

No it doesn’t. Says nothing on Chanel 309 or 310 except hit refresh ( then hit refresh, then hit refresh, then hit refresh) the loop continues etc. 

Eveything worked until this latest switch. 

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Re: CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

@forgottenrebel I don't subscribe to TMN/HBO/CRAVE and I can access all of the On Demand channels (can't watch content obviously)

Have you tired rebooting your box? Your problem could be a signal issue. Unplug the box for about 30 seconds, then power it back up again, then try accessing the channels.
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Re: CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

how to sigh in


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Re: CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

Sign into Crave michelfortin? Just go to Crave website and if you are a subscriber to TMN and you're referring to tv cable then login in by selecting the cable provider. If you had cravetv online then login that way
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Re: CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

Great Job On Demand Crave+Movies+HBO team:


Just wanted to acknowledge the work that has been done by the staff in charge of working with the layout and sorting of categories.  The previous layout that I was so used to using is created on the Rogers side of things, they just get the data and links from Bell.  The layout belongs to the carrier.


My daughter does this very type of work for Telus On Demand TV and as she has described to me, this switch over of adding in Crave into the mix has been a real head ache to try to sort the feeds into the previously familiar feeds that customers have seen for as long as HBO/TMN has been around.  It differs with each carrier.

This layout process is a dynamic process and a lot of grunt work by programmers and layout designers and customer feedback and in Rogers case, they have pretty much nailed it down in around 2 weeks.  That is pretty impressive.



Nice and clean, easy for me to follow and reflects much of the original Rogers On Demand layout of HBO/TMN with the  Just Added (really did miss that one), and the categorization of HBO specific and then general categories of TV Series, Movies and so forth, and a similiar layout and differentiation in the Crave view and their additional classification by Showtime, HBO, Starz, Drama, comedies, Kids, Documentaries, Vice and More, plus an easy way to get back to CRAVE+Movies+HBO view.


Very nicely done. 


I felt that a brief note on how it exists on Anyplace TV and the product itself was warrented too.


The Anyplace version still doesn't reflect categorizations like new and personal preferences of media type, except under movies.  All other sections show only A-Z ordered collection of all movies or shows.  That team can probably benefit from a discussion with the setbox team to build the coding for that type of layout as the categorization exists already, and also the model for Anyplace TV already exists in the one area of Movies.  So if you currently go to Crave, etc in categories, you only get the full list of shows or movies, no categories.  But that can come.


At this point, if I want to watch Crave on my laptop, I actually just go to Crave as the work is all done there for the categories and newly added.


One strong item about the app though is the guide. I really love the layout of the guide on Anyplace TV and how it replicates what I see on the TV for channels, although I wait with bated breath for the hopefully settled licensing issue over controlling our box and managing our PVR from the anyplace TV view.  That may come some day, but that is not in Rogers control I suspect as the underlying product probably has licensing tied back to Comcast.  Every company using the X model for TV has the same issue right now.


One great thing the guide did for me last week was when a Bell rep came to my door and asked the proverbial question, what do you like to watch, I was able to open up my phone app, and run down the guide and tell him exactly every channel I have and he could tick them off on his paper version and we could do the apples to apples comparison.  Since I was going down the list one by one, I also ticked off the heart for favourites and was able to say, these are all the channels we really watch, so what kind of deal can you set up with the least number of undesired channels.  Very slick and powerful for getting to specifics of my desired experience.


Great tools all around and again, kudos to all and in particular the set top box team for Navigatr.  I doh't use Anyplace TV much anyway, so I am less concerned about how quickly refinements come to the layout of the on demand section of the app to reflect the new Crave changes.  The work of the settop team can actually greatly help tha AnyPlace team if they want to bring in a consistent view to the layout.



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Re: CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

I'm interested in Crave + Movies + HBO. I have a couple concerns/questions. In our household one person pays the bulk of the Rogers services and the other Netflix/Amazon/Google Play and other subscription services, the latter wants to subscribe to Crave without adding on to the monthly Rogers bill (also for ease of managing the subscription outside of Rogers to ease in with just Crave and add on the HBO and movies when needed and not all the time). Is there anyway to tie an existing Crave subscription to Rogers or if we want to access via Nextbox does it have to be charged via Rogers? I'm leaning towards just subscribing directly through Crave and casting from our smartphones until LG Smart TVs get their own app (like Prime and Netflix built into the OLED TV) and like Samsung smart TVs have, as I feel these apps will be quicker and easier to manage (especially for multiple profiles) than the 'On demand' format of Rogers . Does the on demand format support multiple profiles? Any suggestions/guidance/advice?
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Re: CraveTV coming to Rogers November 1st

Good evening @merrlapo,


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community, we appreciate your contribution.

Taking an educated decision is best! The way you divide bills and subscriptions in your household makes a lot of sense!


A subscription to Crave + Movies + HBO, through Rogers, will give you access to the On Demand folders on your set top box, as well as on the Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs and Xbox. In the coming weeks, Crave will be available on Amazon Fire TV.


If you subscribe to Crave independently (not charged to your Rogers invoice), you won't have access to the service on your Nextbox.


For more information, visit

Hope this helps!