Copy from PVR to PVR

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Copy from PVR to PVR



I have two PVR's and want to consolidate all My PVR'd programs to one of the PVR's. 

I simply want to copy the programs from one Nextbox to another nextbox.


Can this be done?


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Re: Copy from PVR to PVR


Hello, @DJames162


Thank you for your interesting post. Copying directly from one Nextbox to another may not be possible, however, we have a similar discussion here which may be helpful.




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Re: Copy from PVR to PVR

You could always try it to see if it works. Bear in mind, just like copying to a DVDR (or VCR) it would take place in real time, so 40 hours of recordings would take 40 hours, plus you'd have to monitor the process, starting and stopping each recording.  But you probably want to just copy data from one hard drive to another. You can do that with data on computer hard drives, but I doubt it can be done with the encrypted data on PVR hard drives and have it be recognized by the new PVR.

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