Connecting PVR, VCR, DVD to the TV set

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Re: Connecting PVR, VCR, DVD to the TV set

@Ross_W wrote:

1. So, I was trying to copy the streaming video that was only within the tv.

2. There are no rca ports on the tv,and no path back to the PVR to record anything at all.

1. I'm not familiar with recording streaming, but I believe you can do this using an HTPC and the appropriate connections from the device (fire stick) directly.  Unfortunately, most devices today have HDMI and that usually  means that copy protection will be honoured. One way around this may be to utilize an older HDMI to component video converter that strips the copy protection and recording onto something that has component video inputs like a Hauppauge in an HTPC.


2. Correct, the PVR will only record what comes into the only input on the back of the PVR which is RF-coax from Rogers.  You can't even use that RF-coax input for recording anything else because you need to go through the PVR's internal QAM tuners.

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Re: Connecting PVR, VCR, DVD to the TV set

I see now where I got waylaid with streaming. It comes directly from the router to the Fire stick and into theTV HDMI. Nothing to do with the PVR. But the PVR gave that error about that I had to get that replacement for HDMI for updated security. That’s why I got lost thinking it shut off the RCA analog video out in the PVR.
Thanks everyone for responding to a problem that I never had,just a misunderstanding .