Complaint on reactivating 4250HD - nothing but grief and a 3 hour waste of my time

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Complaint on reactivating 4250HD - nothing but grief and a 3 hour waste of my time

Angry Horror story when attempting to reactivate our SA 4250HD, still unresolved
In a nutshell, my Mom was in an accident and moved to respite care in March. I called to have her cable account cancelled as she would not be returning home, but would remain at a retirement residence in Waterloo. She has an SA 4250HD. The account was always on preauthorized payment and closed to a $0.00 balance. When I tried to get her box reactivated for her at her new location yesterday,, I was advised that the Rogers system could not 'see' the box. I provided the Serial number about 15 times to the 5 csr's/tech support people over the course of a 3 hour phone call, but they could not garner a response from the STB. At 7:15pm, the last Customer Service rep I spoke with agreed to roll a truck on a 1 level Priority. The young man came to the site, replaced all the connectors both on the coax line, behind the wall socket location and also down in the 'cable room' at the retirement residence. He cam back up, rebooted the box a number of times again but continued to see the "Not Authorized" message. He advised me that he was unable to get an IP address on the STB and that I would have to call in again to escalate the matter. One of the csr's I spoke with said that we could/should rent a box @$13.00/mo. As this was a box that we received as part of a 'Ditch the Dish' promotion in August 2010, that was not acceptable to us.
I had to return to London from the site in Waterloo last night and called Rogers again on my return this afternoon and was advised that they would now send out a Level 2 tech to establish an IP on the box, but could not do so until Sunday afternoon. I advised that I was not staying over and was indicated to that they could put me on a 'priority' list if they had a cancellation and I would get a call. No call came, no function from the box and we are nearing the end of what further time we can afford Rogers to not do their job properly. This box was working fine up to the point that the account was closed and it has been suggested that the box was 'locked' by the agent who closed the account. Numerous and varied 'hits' have been sent to the box, all failed to resolve the situation. I now have to deal with this via long distance phone tomorrow when/if the tech shows up as I am unable to make yet another trip to Waterloo to resolve this matter.
After tomorrow afternoon, if the issue remains unresolved and we do not get satisfaction, we will go back to Bell, who will provide a new HD box free of charge (with committment) . I have never before experienced such a shoddy approach to customer service as demonstrated by Rogers reps who are trained to do nothing more than to read from a script and provide no answers/suggestions that are not 'approved verbiage' and bounce you around between departments, all in an attempt to keep their AHT low on the call. The outcome of this will also influence weather I keep my own service with Rogers as Bell has just made FIBE available in my neighbourhood and are offering very aggresive pricing. I was also on a 'win back' promo from Rogers to 'ditch my dish' several years ago.




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Re: Complaint on reactivating 4250HD - nothing but grief and a 3 hour waste of my time

Hi @Audiofool


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear about your frustration with trying to setup your mother’s HD box. Smiley Sad


We’d like to help in resolving this for you and getting your box set up. I’m going to have someone reach out to you from @CommunityHelps in a Private Message, please check our Messages from the Envelope icon in the top right hand side of your screen.






I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Complaint on reactivating 4250HD - nothing but grief and a 3 hour waste of my time

The new box was installed today and my Mom is really happy with the eventual resolution.

Thanks again for your help!