Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

Hello @park

Rogers does not supply customers with those remotes. You have to purchase them your self. You have to get it from Best Buy, Canada Computers it even on Logitech website which offers it. I have the Harmony Elite ( which is the highest one). They do cost ranging from $69 - $400

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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

That happened to me also and I thought cc did not work at all but then it worked on a different recording without my changing anything... The garbled cc appears to be an inconsistent occurrence (maybe related to older programming?..) This happened when I was watching two old movies (b&w). But I have not experienced it enough times to be able to have confidence that this is an actual pattern.

Really made me wish it was easier to turn cc off and on when watching recordings... I will remain hopeful that Rogers will remedy this inconvenient regression.

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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

This is not a solution... it is a workaround!  The Navigatr is far less intuitive and useful than what was there before.  Hopefully Rogers will do something to fix what they have broken with this 'upgrade'.

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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

Yes, @RadioWave you are very correct that almost everything you are going to currently read is a workaround for poor design, nonintuitive design, and clearly no work with the customer base on a beta level.


There have been some solutions that came out of the feedback from the July rollout, with the November software builds from Cisco Videoscape (may actually be Technicolor and Cisco), and the December build rollout out december 15th, concurrently with the November builds, then some major issues like the power saving issue was dealt with by freezing the rollout, and then in the December builds were replaced with the January builds.


So few solutions to concerns and bugs have been developed to date, some have been damage control, but at the moment, we are all dealing with the November/January builds, and all we have are workarounds, along with some things we know that at the moment there is no going back to (The previous Nextbox builds with the old list and guide models, and it appears there is no going back from the tiles (at least at the moment anyway - this is the model that Espial uses at the moment is the tile model which is actually designed for IPTV and a completely different technical model).


The current rollouts are considered by Espial as interum moves allowing companies to move forward with the Espial IPTV model while taking advantage of running it in a limited way on the legacy QAM cable boxes.  They were confident in their presentations that it could be done, but it appears that they really werent prepared to do it by July, or even February of this year for that matter.


So yes, these are not solutions - they are workarounds, all developed by user experience, and definitely not intuitive or user friendly, not meeting the marketing expectations of better, faster, less clicks and other claims that this current design just cannot live up to as currently programmed.


Hopefully in the next build which looks at all we have put forward, we can see more solutions and improvements.


As I have said often, I can only hope, I am done being mad, and time will tell, but for me and many others, they are on the clock with a drop dead date of the end of my contract, and if necessary if it doesn't come soon enough, I will eat the cancellation fees and move on.


But for now, I just respond to people like yourself to valid your feelings, to clarify and to provide workarounds that at least let you use the device, and let you which ones just are not possible.


Remember that there is a gold mine of workarounds in this thread, but I will acknowledge that they are necessarily easy to find.  A few users are attempting to compile all we know about the box to assist others, but the reality it is only because we want to help, and we do have lives beyond trying to help.



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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

@jjmartin wrote:

I never use the On Demand, HD, or Music keys. The Music key I would be least likely to ever use. so if it could be programmed to toggle Closed Caption on and off it would be very convenient.


Perhaps Rogers can spread a little fertilizer on us poor mushrooms ( the mods, frontline staff, and us customers )about which key it will use to give us a one key cc on/off across all modes; live, recordings, on demand, show me etc.

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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

I had no idea of all the issues with the Navigatr guide and the development of it. I wish it had never been uploaded to my nextbox. I hope Rogers will remove this lousy new system and replace it with the old guide that worked fine. This is a waste of everyone's time and energy.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

Unfortunately, its very doubtful that they will revert back 😞
(especially since the developers for the old guide no longer exist)


The most we can do at this point.. is PUSH for FIXES/alternatives, etc.

Yes, the current way to get CC on a recording is not a FIX.  

A fix is something that will have to be coded, implemented, rolled out.
Personally, i think its one of the bigest thing BROKEN on the new guide (most other things are not broken per say.. they are just a worse way of doing things)


But it is a least a semi work around, to enable users to at least access this function, until such a fix is imlementd.

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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

If that is the case, I will look at alternatives to Rogers TV. They had a system that was fine and replaced it with a system that requires the user to take many more steps to perform the same functions as the previous one. This is a giant misstep by Rogers.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

I wont argue with that.


Just make sure to research all your alternatives as well.
It will be a learning curve to possibly learn the alternatives systems as well, just to make sure you don't end up with something else you find just as frustrating.   Try and find a store were you can see a live unit, etc.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

How do I turn on CC while watching a recorded program with the new Navigatr guide? When I press 'INFO' the playback pauses. Where do I find CC?

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