Cisco Exploer 8642 HD "Disk Trouble"

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Cisco Exploer 8642 HD "Disk Trouble"

After 4 years, I am now getting a "disk trouble" error on my tv screen when I press "List" on the Rogers remote.  Further info displayed


"There are problems with the program storage disk.  Recording and playback are not available at this time."


So, has the drive crashed?  Is there anything that I can do or do I just use it as a digital box?  Should mention that I own the box, not a rental.



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Re: Cisco Exploer 8642 HD "Disk Trouble"

Hi @surlie 


Definitely sounds like a Hard Drive issueSmiley Sad Hopefully you can get past this one.


Here's some troubleshooting you could try after following the generic troubleshooting of rebooting the box. This troubleshooting involves formatting the hard-drive on the box which would cause you to lose any stored information.


For boxes with the older guide format

  • Press pause until Mail Icon flashes
  • Press page down once
  • Press list button 3 times


For boxes with the newer guide format

  • Press settings on your remote
  • Scroll down to Troubleshooting
  • Select Restore Factory Settings


If the above steps did not work you may need a new PVR, but the box can still be used as a HD Box.


Hope this helpsSmiley Happy Community, feel free to chime in with any other suggestions!





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Re: Cisco Exploer 8642 HD "Disk Trouble"

I would try the format that Asif posted.. JUST incase. (say the drive it just corrupt, etc).


BUT, if the drive is dead...

Generally it should work just as an HD Box otherwise..

If its owned, and out of waranty...  There are places that sometimes can do the drive replacement for you.
As well, if you have a little technical knoledge, you possibly can do it yourself.

There are a few guides in the Rogers section of forums which have instructions on how.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Cisco Exploer 8642 HD "Disk Trouble"

Thanks to both!  Decided to get a Nextbox 3.0 and love the extra space and capabilities!!  The old one definitely works as an HD box so hubby now gets all the sports channels that he can watch on the other tv so he is happy! 🙂

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Re: Cisco Exploer 8642 HD "Disk Trouble"

I bought my 8642 in 2011 (way out of warranty).  I think the hard drive is dead (it won't let me record and says 0% used).  I have looked at the message boards here, but there's nothing recent on models of hard drives that work.  Has anyone replaced their hard drive lately?  What model?



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Re: Cisco Exploer 8642 HD "Disk Trouble"

check out, in their rogers section.  There are some guides/posts about the hard drive replacement.

Really  you would have to double check what type of drive it is in there.. I beleive the 8642 uses SATA drives, which should make it a little easier..
You really just dont want a 'power saving' drive in it.. one that spins down too much.