Cisco 4642HD TV turns on after power down

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I'm Here A Lot
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Cisco 4642HD TV turns on after power down

I've been having this issue with my Cisco 4642HD.  


At first I thought it was my android tv box.


I have the 4642HD connected to my LG along with a android tv box, every once and awhile after I power down the tv and cable, usign the rogers remote, after 5-10 seconds the tv comes back on, but the nextbox 2.0 stays off.  If I unplug the android box it doesnt happen.


So I figured it was the android box causing the problem.


Then I moved the rogers bo to another tv, a Dynex, where its the only thing hooked up to it, watched TV for a bit and turned them both off with the rogers remote, and bam came home and the tv was on alone. tried powering it up and down, and over o and over again now the tv will come back on after powering the tv and thebox down with the remote.


Anyone having this issue?  Would I figure it the box or the remote??



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Resident Expert
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Re: Cisco 4642HD TV turns on after power down

The box itself should not be doing it... Unless say it's some bug with hdmi cec.
If the box while off is sending a signal out via hdmi cec, to say change inputs and turn on, and your tv's will react to that signal.

Otherwise I would say remote.

If it's a rental unit you can take the whole thing in and swap.
If owned, you could still go in and swap the remote at least.

I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 6

Re: Cisco 4642HD TV turns on after power down

So i did some more testing with another rogers remote and I'm not having the problem with that remote, So you're right it is a remote issue,   Oh well Ill have to to bring that remote back to rogers and have them swap it out.