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Catalog error msg

I had my nextbox 2.0 plugged in from the splitter to a surge protector then into the tv. The rogers rep said they could not reset my box due to the fact that they could not get any signal on my box even tho channels were showing while getting the ROD catalog error message. I plugged the box directly in to the splitter (instead of surge protector) did a reset from, unplugged and plugged back in power on the box, also went to the settings on the box from the remote settings/troubleshoot/reboot set top box. Finally after 2 hrs the catalogue message disappeared and ROD is working. Hope this helps someone.




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Re: Catalog error msg

I 100% think that a cable surge bar is a good thing can prevent a power surge across the cable lines.
I have seen it happen. Lady I rented from at college, had a surge across the cable line, fries her cable modem and then traveled Ethernet and fries her pc. Her power supply still worked.

The one issue, is that depending on the unit, it could prevent proper 2 way communication across the line, which is needed for some updates, and most ROD functions.

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Re: Catalog error msg

I used to have my cable going through my whole home surge protector on my electrical panel. I bought the surge protector from my home insurance company at a discount after they paid out to cover a whole slew of stuff that was damaged by a lightning strike. When I had a Rogers tech in to check on a weak signal issue, he said not to go through the surge protector because the cable is grounded anyway and connected it straight. That was before I had a PVR that needed 2-way communications. I don't know that I believe in his theory that a surge protector is superfluous, but It's quite possible it impedes 2-way communications.

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Re: Catalog error msg

Thanks. Will try that
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Re: Catalog error msg

Error 835mc

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Re: Catalog error msg

Hello, @Suec1.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for joining this conversation, it is disappointing when On Demand content can't be accessed.


We can help troubleshoot the issue. Are you experiencing this error on more than one box? Are you able to see the guide?


If you can access the guide, please unplug the power to the affected box for a couple of minutes. After the reboot, it may require up to 30 minutes for the catalog to finish downloading. Thank you for your patience. 






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Re: Catalog error msg

Anyone else experiencing "Catalog Error #835MC"?   I was told that there's a system wide outage but was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same?  There's no ETA on a fix.

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Re: Catalog error msg

Yes I am getting the same message when trying to access On Demand.

I haven't yet tried rebooting the box or called Rogers but that will be my next step.
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Re: Catalog error msg

Good morning @dexleong and @jays77!


Have either of you had a chance to try out @RogersMoin troubleshooting suggestion yet?


If rebooting and waiting for 30 mins doesn't work, please let us know by PMing us @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Re: Catalog error msg

I had this issue  (Catalog error 835MC) a few years ago and it took many months for the problem to be resolved in my case. See:


One person in that thread mentioned that it might have something to do with having 3+ set top boxes in your home. If that's the case, perhaps that will help Rogers solve the problem - mention it to them when you discuss it with them if the reboot doesn't fix it.  I haven't encountered the issue since then, but I don't watch much OD.  Another thing you can do to try to speed things up if the issue isn't resolved quickly is to ask for a monthly credit until it is resolved....