Can someone explain flex channels?

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Can someone explain flex channels?

So I'm all set to have Ignite installed on Tuesday. The rep I spoke with gave me basic information on it. I also read on the website and it mentions flex channels that can be switched out every 30 days. A lot of the channels listed are included in my current subscription.

I currently have the regular Popular TV package.

So do I only get to choose one flex channel per month and the others are unavailable that month?

How does Ignite compare to the current package I have? I know it's all internet based so is it going to slow my internet down considerably? Is there still a visual guide or is everything voice controlled? Will I get a pamphlet when they install?

Sorry for all of the questions lol. Technology is advancing faster than I can keep up with it.
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Re: Can someone explain flex channels?

Hi @Gypsy89!


I'm glad to hear you've taken the plunge and decided to migrate over to our Ignite TV service! I've had it since late last year and so far I'm loving all the cool features!! 😁


With regards to the Flex Channels, each Ignite Bundle package comes with specific Flex Channels that can be swapped every 30 days (beginning from your date of installation). You can make an unlimited number of channel exchanges within the first 30 days of installing your Ignite TV services or changing your TV package, and then once every 30 days thereafter. 


To do so, you may log in to your MyRogers profile online or through the MyRogers app on your wireless device. There is no limit to how many you can swap per transaction as long as you end up with the same amount of channels as you started with. Please click HERE to view specific step by step instructions.  


Our Ignite TV channel packages by region are the same as our current Digital TV packages. So if you currently have our Popular Digital TV package, and you switch to our Popular Ignite TV package, you’ll be able to enjoy the same channels!


Please rest assured, you will get a comprehensive, custom installation experience tailored to your home and family’s needs, so you can get the most out of your Rogers Ignite products and services. First, our technician will assess your household Internet needs and recommend the best place to install the modem for strong, reliable coverage where you want it. Then, they will make sure the rest of your bundled products are working and will walk you through the features of your innovative, new Ignite TV product. And for the most personalized support, you’ll have direct access to your own Ignite Concierge to answer any questions you may have.


I hope you enjoy your Ignite TV services as much as I do! Feel free to share your experience with the rest of the Community!



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Re: Can someone explain flex channels?

Depending on the package.. you get X many flex channels.
Every month you can swap them around.. so say there is one which only airs stuff you want xmas time, could grab that one and drop another for that time period.


It shouldnt really slow down your internet.  With ignite you need 150 internet..  even with 2-3 tvs running it at one time, You should have probably close to 100mbps remaining still.


Yes there is a visual guide.  
Really the voice I find is best for doing searches.  saves pressing the keys around 100 times to spell a simple word.  So good when you wan to find a show.. not browsing around the guide, or manually searching, you can say "NCIS" and it will bring up the results.

You SHOULD get a little pamphlet.. at least I did.  
Make sure your install tech explains stuff to you.

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