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Cable Service(s) Offline

Aug 23 lost everything (cable TV, internet + landline) at 10pm. When can I expect to regain services? Thx.



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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

My cable and Internet has been down since yesterday afternoon. When I call rogers, I get a message saying "We are experiencing a major cable outage, bla blah blah".  I'm in downtown Toronto.

I pinged @RogersHelp on Twitter earlier and they said service should be restored within an hour (that was 3 hours ago)

I finally got through to customer service and they said it would be up in 6 minutes and 25 seconds. (And that was about a half hour ago)

My modem just blinks,  occasionally goes amber, and I have no TV.

We are at the mercy of these crappy telecom companies here in Canada. I'd switch to Bell if I thought there was a remote possibility that they don't totally suck too, but of course they do.




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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

We appreciate your feedback georgr00. Please let the community know if there are any ongoing issues they can help with 🙂



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

Same thing happened to us. Lost all 3 services at 10 pm. No home phone so used a cell phone to call Rogers.
They said it would be fixed in the next 24 hours.

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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

@Treenewf& @MDL1 :


Whenever you post something like this it's useful to provide a rough location. After all, Rogers has millions of customers in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, many of whom are not affected.


Although a large area can sometimes be affected, it's often a relatively small number of people who are "down".


If it's a known issue, if you call Rogers you can often hear a recording regarding an issue and (sometimes) an approximate repair time.

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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

Good point and noted for the future. This was in Ottawa for me. All services were restored a couple of hours later and are working perfectly now.

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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

It's been offline all day. (Scarborough).
Anyone else?
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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

Hello @SF4

Where in Scarborough are you located? I am at Midland and Kingston road ( near John A Leslie public school) and our cable and internet are working fine.
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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

Renew my contract


Im wondering why I should renew my contract with rogers?

It expires shortly and with all the service outages ive had lately Im finding it hard to justify.

Last night took the cake. Right in the middle of a movie poof nothing no tv no internet no nothing. just black.

contacted @rogershelp through twitter. Was told no problems in my area. So I guess I must have been dreaming being out of service for 3 hrs.


Was with bell for 11 yrs. Called them atleast 20 times in that period. Been with Rogers for less then 2yrs have called of contacted them 6 and had a tech come twice.


Again....why should I renew?

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Re: Cable Service(s) Offline

It is a great question - if your experience is as you say, why stay.  You can certainly get a competitive renewal right now, but if your service is this unreliable, definitely good to ask "why?"


This is the question we all have these days as the prices are all jumping, Rogers has not had great success with their service technology on either the Internet or Cable side of things from my experience in the last few years, but at the end of the day, I stayed - on year discounted package - can cancel anytime, and the models are changing and Bell is moving fast on FTTH in many GTA subdivision and across Ontario.


Let us know what you decide.