CBC channel 8 in Ottawa has choppy video

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Re: CBC channel 8 in Ottawa has choppy video

Yes, I agree.  I tested this a couple of weeks ago and had no issue recording/watching the Vancouver CBC feed of the same program (Anne with an e) that was very choppy here.  CBC Ottawa is unwatchable most evgs. - 22 Minutes, Frankie Drake, etc all exhibit this choppiness issue for me.  However this not always the case.  I have been able to watch some programs - Dragon's Den with no issue.   I find it very strange that the local news broadcasts flawlessly but as soon as they cut to a commercial, the commercial is very choppy.  In my opinion this seems to indicate that something is amiss with the handling of the "network" feed for CBOT.    Maybe Rogers could map out the CBC feeds and figure out which node in their network is actually feeding the commercials or some of the shows I have mentioned it could point to something....

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Re: CBC channel 8 in Ottawa has choppy video

Hello @jays77 and @bbotti!


Thanks so much for your participation in the Community, we're happy to have you here! 🤗


It's clear that you two are not alone in this issue. Although I'm glad to hear that you found a way to get around it, really and truly, you shouldn't have to resort to that just to get a clean picture!!


As multiple users seem to be affected, we'd love for you to send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can submit a ticket to have it looked into further. The more tickets received, the better! Please CLICK HERE to go to RogersZia's previous post for information on how to send us the Private Message. 


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