Buying a friend's PVR

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Buying a friend's PVR

First, the facts:
1. She owns the PVR
2. I rent a non-PVR box from Rogers
3. We are both customers in good standing
4. She is upgrading to Ignite
The questions:
1. Do we have to do the STB unregister/reregister
2. Can the tech do that during installation (I live two apartments over)
3. What do I need to do to return my current box/remove the rental charge
Thanks in advance for your help!




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Re: Buying a friend's PVR

Welcome the Community and thank you for your post @jenemard,


Replacing the rental box with a purchased one would definitely be cost effective for you. Yes the box has to be free from your friend's account before you can have it added to your account. A technician scheduled for you friend's address will not be able to assist you. Setting up the PVR for yourself should be a fairly simple process. You'd have to call in or chat or reach out to us via social media so we can create a work order for you to return the rental box. 


Hope this answers all your questions! Please let us know if you need any more information 🙂.






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Re: Buying a friend's PVR

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Re: Buying a friend's PVR

@jenemard  From personal experience, you have nothing to worry about it it's an owned PVR  from to someone you trust. When my daughter cancelled her Rogers Cable and gave me their owned PVR, I just had to hook it up, follow the prompts and make the call to Rogers as required.  The warnings you read are to guard against stolen or rental boxes you often find on Kijiji.  It's a lot of work getting the serial numbers from those people and checking them with Rogers before paying and if they're questionable, the seller will just not call back and sell to another sucker.

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