Box reboot get stuck at 1

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Box reboot get stuck at 1

I moved my nextbox over to my desk and then i lost the picture, no cable or wires were disconnected

i rebooted the box and now it is on -01 (usually it goes from 01 to 05)

the other 2 boxes in the house work fine, any ideas as to what the problem is






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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

Try moving the box to another cable outlet and see if it boots up. Sounds like a weak signal issue, either from a bad connector/coax cable. 


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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1



As mentioned by @gp-se, this is very likely a signal issue. Signal issues are one of the main reasons people come to this forum.


You can call Rogers and they can check the signal remotely. Also, just because one box works at a certain location, doesn't mean that another will, because there are different tolerances in these boxes, and different requirements by different boxes.


You say you moved it without removing cables? Perhaps the cable feeding the box is slightly loose at one end or the other?

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

I was also thinking that possibly a cable got lose, or maybe if it is an older cable there may be shorting going on at the connectors.  If you have any extra cables, trying switching them around.  Cables are known to losen up just from the heat of the box at times.  Been through that one a couple of times, in particular when I have been shifting things around.  Once it starts to losen, the heat can cause it to losen up more as it heats and cools.


To get stuck mid way means that it stopped in the checking.


From this reddit site on Rogers issues, it indicates that to be stuck at -01- means that it is not getting the signal from Rogers - since you just moved it around, first thought is the connection tightness, a loose or frayed cable connector, or a bad cable that just showed up with the move.


Each of the numbers represents 6 tests (I have seen somewhere on the Internet, what each test is doing, but can't remember where) - a tech at Rogers, I would hope would know what each of these codes mean.


Definitely a call in to check signal levels is warrented too.


Good luck and let us know the outcome.




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

So yeah is turned out that the one wire wasn't connected securly. After I tightened it, the problem was corrected. Thanks for all your help guys!

I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

Anyone know what error code -03- is on HD box (4642)?

My dad is getting this error and has already power cycled a couple of times, but it keeps getting stuck on this error code.


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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

@mfait : These sorts of booting issues are almost always associated with a poor signal in the home or neighbourhood. Here's a post with more details:


Make sure there aren't any loose cable connections, check the signal yourself, then call Rogers to have them check the signal at the box, and in the neighbourhood. They can do this remotely. If they can't "see" the signal on the box, it's definitely a poor signal issue.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

This afternoon (Tues.) I noticed that the Guide on my Nextbox 2 was showing as Wed. with no information.  I moved it back to Tues. and still it showed no information,

I then tried a reboot. 

The reboot started then got stuck at -05-.  I tried to reboot it several time throughout the evening but the same thing happens. It gets stuck at -05-.


My husband contacted Rogers and they checked the signal and tried a few things but no positive results. A tech is coming out in the morning.
I really hope the box is not toast. It's not a rental and the idea of having to add a rental cost to my monthly bill is not something I really want to do.
The box (except for the Guide) was working just fine until I tried to reboot it.
I'm just curious if anyone here has any idea what the problem might be.

Retired Moderator RogersCilio
Retired Moderator
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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

Hey Jay77,


Its odd that prior to the reboot, the box was working fine (guide excluded obviously). In most situations like this, as @57 posted above, it's usually associated to poor cable signal as oppose to a faulty STB. Here's hoping it's not a defective box, but please keep us posted of the outcome!


Kind Regards,



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

Just as an FYI, if you get a "lazy" tech, once he knows you own the box, he'll say the box is the problem. He won't necessarily spend much time checking signals, connections, etc.


He may connect another box and it may work for a while, however, if the signal is not good, it too will likely fail in the near future. Make sure you read my link in my previous post regarding signal issues.  Rogers can also check the signal in the neighbourhood.  Check the signal in the box yourself (if you can get it to boot) or with another box in your home moved to that location, or with a replacement box that the tech has, or have him show you the signal strength on his laptop.

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