Anyplace tv for Apple tv

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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

I know I am going to be in the minority here..
But I think i may be one of the few, who at least for the cable boxes, dont mind renting.

Yes, I understand after X period of time, that I am paying MORE than if I bought.
At least with these boxes, they are like $8 to rent, vs say the PVR before straight out rental was $24?

And the main reason, changes.
I cant tell you, how many times in my current house, how many times I have upgraded my modem.

I think i started with the 4 channel Cisco, then SMC, then the CGN2, then 3, the 4, then the coda, now the ignite arris.
Some might say this is excessive.. but its kept it at the most up to date, and highest channel capabilities.  And I can say I haven never really had congestion issues.

EG: I could see, that its possible that say to add Disney+ maybe wont work on the 1st gen Ignite boxes, but can on the newer ones. 
If i bought.. i would be stuck... but could swap by renting.

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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

I Guess if they can’t figure this out we will have to move to bell as they do have an app for Apple TV.
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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

You still need a minimum.of one box in order to use Bell's Apple TV app.

***Edited out Ignite TV info...this is a digital cable thread.