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Anyplace tv for Apple tv

What’s going on with this Rogers?

Why is anyplace tv available on iPhone but not Apple TV? Seriously, What’s the hold up???


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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

I don't know the answer, but it has been asked.  It most likely lies in licensing for casting, which is why you can't put the android tv version on android tv and related smart tvs and have it work. 

You can install the app, but the ability to cast from the android platform, from phone and boxes has been disabled.


They probably don't have the broadcasting rights, that do cost money, in place.


It is possible, Comcast in the states uses Roku rather than Apple TV at this time in the case of Ignite,  Other carriers have different broadcasting rights in place.


Basically,  my understanding is it lies in licensing and broadcast rights, and the big question is one that Rogers makes based upon whether they feel that the cost of licensing can be recovered by users.  It is similiar to why we can't manage our PVR - licensing related to Comcast, and why there are differences in what can be seen from Anyplace TV in our home, connected to Rogers network, versus the reduced channel options when off the Rogers Internet at our home.  You will find the same variability across all the companies.


Keep asking and making suggestions (maybe the suggestion section of the blog is a good spot) and maybe Rogers will move that direction.  But for now, it is reported the last I heard that there are no known plans in the works at this time for what you have asked about.


Welcome to the Community. Great question.


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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

This question has been asked and answered  many times on this forum.  As mentioned by @BS above, it's not always a simple technical matter, but sometimes a licensing or other commercial issue.  Here's my response from a previous thread and it still applies:


Although it is possible that Rogers will release this at some time in the future, it is not currently available and you will likely get no advance notice.  Same for Android and all the other options.  Any advance notice would likely be very short from an "insider leak".

Here's a helpful post regarding "casting" and other methods...

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

Thank you for the response.

And maybe it’s my small brain that can’t wrap my head around this but if it’s available for iPhone, what’s the big difference to go to Apple TV? I get licensing and all that but it’s the same platform. Again, Maybe I do not fully understand.
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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

The link provided by @57 explains it well but I will take a crack at it too.
The difference is that the app whether Apple store or Google is written to the specifications Rogers demands. One feature is that the app as with browsers can detect the platform they are running on as well as video connections like hdmi or casting and just about every thing on your platform and internet connection.

They disable the app from running on all the internet TV platforms as well as game consoles. Phones tablets and computers are the only thing they allow anyplace TV on.
Not even a tablet or phone with an attached hdmi works either.

A laptop connected via hdmi or vga and audio does work. I can't speak to cast or mirror from computer but the link speaks to that one.

It all is achievable in that the app detects everything about your hardware video transmission and Rogers tells the programmers what devices it can run on and whether it can mirror or cast.

Basically means you generally can't avoid renting a set top box to watch on TV.

With time they may change. It can happen dependent on rights or other business factors unspoken to the customer.

For example Bell now runs on just about every platform and some smart tv when in your home with their modem and one set top box present. There is a limit on how many concurrent ones can run.
Pure business decision. The technology is designed to detect the platform so it leaves the carriers to set the rules.

Same as web anyplace TV won't run on Firefox or ie on windows 7. The technology allows for them to enforce these restrictions.

Don't know if Apple computer version will work over hdmi as pc does.

Hope that clarifies.

You are not the only one to be confused by all this.

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Re: Anyplace tv for Apple tv

I guess it comes down to the 
"A person watching it" vs "A group of people watching it" in terms to the licensing.

With a tablet, with casting disabled, generally ONE person will be watching it, on the one device, but can do it wherever they are.

In the case of the apple TV, its too easy to say give a friend, who doesnt pay for rogers, your login to log in there on it, and their family can watch stuff on the TV.  THEY havent paid for the license to watch it, etc.

Yes, other people (friends, etc) can come to your house to watch it, who havent paid.  But the license then does cover that, for that type of viewing, etc, in your house.

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