Anyplace TV live tv on xbox one

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Anyplace TV live tv on xbox one

Are there any plans for live TV options on the Xbox one similar to what is available on smartphones/tablets currently?
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Re: Anyplace TV live tv on xbox one



Great news! 

Rogers Anyplace TV for Xbox is available.

As long as you have a Xbox 360/Xbox One console & controller, gold Xbox Live subscription, Internet access and a 
active account.

To log in you would use the same MyRogers username and password on website.



Install and Configure Rogers Anyplace TV on Xbox Live

From the Dashboard, go to Apps.
Download the Rogers Anyplace TV app from the Xbox Live Marketplace.
Open the application and sign in with your existing Rogers Anyplace TV username and password.
If you don’t have a username and password, register online at with a computer.
If you are not eligible, there will be an error message to let you know that the service is restricted to Rogers customers o


I hope this helps.





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Re: Anyplace TV live tv on xbox one

The Anyplace TV on those systems, only has RoD content though, correct?

Compared to say the HOME EDITION one which has live TV options.



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Re: Anyplace TV live tv on xbox one

Hi, I would like to report a few bugs with Rogers Anyplace TV for Xbox One.

First of all, whenever I load the app, it asks me to sign in, even though I always make sure the "remember my credentials" is checked. It's checked by default, and I've even unchecked and re-checked the box. It never remember my username and password. Very frustrating when you're typing them in with a controller.

I've uninstalled, restarted the Xbox One, and re-installed, but no success.

Another major issue is that when I pin my favourite shows using the Anyplace app, they don't appear on my Xbox pin menu. When I check back in the app, it says I can unpin them, and then I try again and again, and still, I can never get them to pin properly.

Please pass this message on and have the bugs ironed out. I'm sure many people would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.