Anyplace TV and Roku TV

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Anyplace TV and Roku TV

I’ve just bought a Roku TV and there isn’t a cable feed in the room where it is going.
Has Roku been added to the list of Anyplace TV compatible systems?




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Re: Anyplace TV and Roku TV

Hello @KerryAb,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post.


Without a cable feed, RAP TV surely is the next best thing.  However, Rogers Anyplace TV is currently not compatible with Roku. 





I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Anyplace TV and Roku TV

Thanks for the reply.
Is this in the works? I’m not planning to get rid of my cable and can manage with my current slingbox/iPad setup throwing the signal to the TV. That said, with the popularity of and market share occupied by Roku I was hoping that Rogers had moved to provide their customers with this service.
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Re: Anyplace TV and Roku TV

@KerryAb : Check out the following link to the Anyplace FAQ.  Click on "What do I need to watch Anyplace TV" and you'll see the "criteria".  I doubt if anyone knows if/when Anyplace will become available on boxes like AppleTV, Android Boxes, Roku, etc.


I would suspect that the first would be AppleTV, but there is likely no one who has an answer to this at this time.  Corporations tend to keep these things a secret (for competitive reasons) until the actual formal announcement or until an insider leaks information, perhaps a couple of weeks before it happens.

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Re: Anyplace TV and Roku TV

At this time, it doesn't appear that the Roku, Xbox, Android TV Boxes, or Apple TV, Chrome cast and other similiar devices are supported.


The only listed devices are Chome only on Windows, (more to come - no indication when - coming on three months now with no changes to the version number since release and no answers as to when).

Android and iOS tablet and smart phones using RAPTV and the home version (which is also the only way to access the PVR management tools).


A quick review of Comcast/Xfinity and at Shaw, and we find the same restrictions , although Shaw shows all browsers, as does ComcastXinity, although a deep dive into the online browser code of XFINITY code shows warning triggers for browsers other than Chrome, and suggests as a solution - wait for it - clear your cookies, restart your browser, try Chrome, so it suggest it may not be fully developed, and since it is still in "beta" in my testing language, as it is only being tested by a few testers fully on the Comcast platform by enginners (technically Alfpha test), and we all got the Comcast apps rollout to all of us (skips the beta inclusion of how well the apps will work with existing setups not on the new IPTV system.


Comcast is currently beta testing Roku described as Why are you calling it a "Beta" app?
Although the app currently is still in its development stages, we're making it available to our customers to try it out and give us feedback. Allowing customers to access the app before we complete all of our planned development will help us make some final tweaks before our official launch. "  Now this is what a beta is - volunteer testing, provided to a limited set, but in this case to all that volunteer.  This is something Rogers has never done with Cable rollouts in the last number of years, so maybe we will see it once they complete the Alpha.


So, based upon US work, Roku will come, but Apple TV and Xbox are currently not supported.


So unless Rogers decides to do some things on their own, I wouldn't expect that we will see many more changes in the near future - When curious, just search Shaw, Cox communications, and Xfinity to see what Comcast is up to on live systems.


The other question that remains open in all this discussion is the ongoing confirmation of what devices are supported, or will be supported (may not hear what will be, those tend to go public only when they put them out for market, or as hints from testing environment), and the other thing is how many other things will home users on our current platform lose as this change over occurs and they bring more comcast on line and whether it fully supports.


In my reviewing, I have found that there are a range of issues impacting some of our current features, like licensing, privacy, broadcasting rights and agreements that are probably not similiar across all device and app designs.


I have read in notices from U.S publications, that there are a range of licensing issues that are being currently worked with, and some of our own services that we enjoy such as remotely controlling our PVR's was also removed from XFinity and other rollouts, but was grandfathered to the one old remaining app.


This is a huge change over that is occurring, and we will be left in the dark on a lot of things as they come forward, and some things may hit technical, contractual dates, and contract and licensing glitches along the way.


I strongly suspect that the range of channels available that is consistent with the model of more on your Internet at home (company sourced delivery) on mobile apps and less outside is consistent in all markets in Canada and U.S. and that this is the usual question of whether a content delivery company like Rogers can get a competetive and provitable deal on what they can broadcast from the broadcast rights holders - we see this with SD, eliminated stations, and types of devices.


Keep the questions and requests for what we hope to see in the new model to see what can be provided at an affordable model.