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Re: Anyplace TV App?

@falcios wrote:

1. Will the Home Edition App continue to be available on ios?


2.  At on Google Chrome when all channels are selected, I don't see all the channels that are available on the Home Edition app?  Is there a reason for this?

Can all the channels on the website match with the ones on the app?

1. No, see the following:


2. The two apps are two different databases.  The AnyplaceTV web version is not a very good interface and the issues regarding the channels have been reported.  The app appears to be better, although I have no real use for either of them until manage PVR comes to AnyplaceTV.  Perhaps once Home Edition no longer takes up any of Rogers' time, they can make the appropriate corrections to Anyplace Web, although I'm not holding my breath since not many people seem to use computers to interface any more, so I don't know if those sorts of issues will ever be fixed.



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Re: Anyplace TV App?

Once again, I will go to the stats - In April, market share of computers sold in Canada 55%, tablets and smartphones, 45%.


So, I guess that users of online media viewing are doing so on smartphones and tablets - not me -


Not my daughter and son in law who built their own high end gaming and media server.


Not my other daughter and partner who use their laptop for watching most of their TV, rarely turn on their set top box or TV.


So, I guess you and my family and me, we seem to reflect either a minority of people who use Anyplace TV - I don't use it, although I do use it to watch tv on my older SD TV that has VGA input - unlike casting or using an HDMI cord from a laptop or smartphone or tablet, the software can't override the VGA output, because that is how laptops output media to the laptop screen, or to a monitor.


I only used the Anyplace TV App on the Web page for managing my PVR, and until the home edition was shut down, used it.


So for now, I use my wife, since I can't work the control for the PVR and the remote due to visual issues.


But that is an old story, and Rogers is stuck.


Comcast has dropped their legacy app connection now too, and reports are that Shaw's legacy app has been failing on and off, and like the Rogers version has always been not overly stable - so my guess - too much work to maintain that single legacy app, and it is still silent on the legal front - there is supposed to be an appeal going forward on the first Riko/Tivo suit that took this feature and one other away from Comcast platform, and 2 new ones filed that haven't gone to court.  Comcast's position is they are going to fight it strongly, so unless Comcast, or the other suppliers finds a way to produce an alternative that doesn't infringe on the questioned licenses, I don't think we will be seeing the feature for a while.


We remain stuck with the mediocre Navigatr PVR guide and interface, that the web and app interface allowed many users who reported on this forum to work with the deficiencies of the box itself.  So for now, we can't set or check recordings while away from home (sorry vacationers), you don't have an accommodation for visual and print cognition disabilities (sorry people who are disabled and it supported their use of their PVR's and in one reported case was the only way they could access the PVR), and if you didn't like or feel comfortable with what the end product of the guide and pvr setting process was on the box from remote (sorry to you too).


We are kind of stuck under a rock and a hard place until Comcast settles the license issues - under the current ruling, they can't even ship the Arris and Technicolor equipment into the US or distribute to Canada with the software installed.  It has to have the software installed once it arrives with the offending license issues removed.


But, Comcast has just negotiated for Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube subscriptions to run on the boxes, and along with their cloud storage, the voice remote, the pause and play on different devices (the last two are being contested by Tivo in the recent submission), but the ruling that Comcast cannot ship the boxes loaded and assembled out of the US is now in place as they had 60 days to figure out what they would do.  So what I have read is they will install the "crippled" version of the Software once imported into the US with no software installed at all.


All companies are counting on the hope that people will pay more for the bells and whistles of the new model, that these new features will overcome the current loss of some features due to licensing until they get that worked out - .25 per box was the figure I read for the full licensing set and guide.  I am sure there will be many who will make the shift - some people like new stuff and are willing and have the financial cash flow to do so - for them enjoy, but for some of us, we will just sit as long as we can and keep our prices as low as our budgets can handle.




So we wait.


Quick edit:  Just checked the home app - it is still functioning at the moment - guess it will go down at some point.



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Re: Anyplace TV App?

Why does Anyplace not show PBSW in the listings (Channel 532)?  I record programmes here all the time because they're not always the same as PBSE (525) and because they air after prime time.


I always used Home Edition and it worked. Why not Anyplace?  I was searching for Dr. Blake Mystery and was wondering why I couldn't find it - then I looked for channel 532 and it wasn't there. There are lots of other channels that are missing from Anyplace too, even when "All Channels" are selected.


Since Rogers is hoping to "sell" more channels, it would be good if they were all listed so that when someone searched and found a programme on the channel to which they don't subscribe, perhaps they'll subscribe.

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Re: Anyplace TV App?

@57 I see 532 is PBS Seattle. I mostly only get Canadian timeshift channels on my VIP, but I presume you get American ones too with VIP Ultimate. I also see that 527 (ABC Seattle, which I do get), 528 (CBS Seattle) and 529 (NBC Seattlet) are missing from the Anyplace guide.

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Re: Anyplace TV App?

I recently bought an LG smart TV and tried the Rogers Anyplace TV on it but it doesn't work it
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Re: Anyplace TV App?

@DB107 : If you look at the following Anyplace FAQ you'll see that it only works on certain devices - see second dropdown:


You’ll need:

  • A Rogers Digital TV package subscription.
  • A Rogers SD, HD, or 4K digital box that you rent or own (digital adapters are not supported).
  • An active internet or wireless data connection.
  • A computer with an up-to-date browser to access Anyplace TV online, or a smartphone/tablet running iOS or Android to use the Anyplace TV app.
    • Supported browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, IE 11
  • A MyRogers profile, with your Rogers Digital TV account linked to it.