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Anyplace TV App?

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Can you use the Anyplace tv app to set recordings if you don't have the Nextbox Enhanced guide?







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Re: Anyplace TV App?

I'm a Senior Advisor

One thing to keep in mind, is that these apps and web sites are currently in their very earliest production versions, in order to support the testing of the IP based Ignite TV being soft rolled out to Engineers in their homes, and soon to be a small set of consumers.


We are no longer on the previously established reasonably stable versions of the apps that were designed to work with Navigatr, and it took quite a while to get stability.


So keep posting the issues here, contacting support via phone or chat - we aren't beta testers per se, but we definitely are using versions that are not fully implemented or tested, and currently they are attempting to get them working for IP based TV, while maintaining support for the traditional cable implementation, which is what we the consumer are all using.


Doesn't relieve the frustration that comes from living with these as they come, but only suggestion is first be patient, and secondly, keep reporting things as they come - we have an indirect roll in this whole change process - we identify bugs as they arise, and generally, they either just go away, maybe a reinstall helps, and usually it doesn't go on for too long.


Ahh the pleasures of new technology during the earlier stages.  Unfortunately we don't have the traditional option - I will buy the new version after it has been out for a year.


Microsoft's most recent update, even though it was extensively tested (I am an insider tester - which basically means that you are testing a various points in the development, release and post release periods), and the last two have created problems.  But as I said, at least with Microsoft, you can decline an update for a couple of months, and as a tester, I choose do I want a rapid rollout, which would mean I get versions in early development with every bug that comes with it, or a delayed rollout, or only testing and feedback on post rollout.  I do delayed rollout - I still have to use my computer and have a life.  I test another product, but I have an active production version for doing my real work, and beta versions to assist with development.


Oh well, this is how it rolls in the world of implementation with Rogers TV.


Keep bringing the concerns forward, so they can figure out how to avoid them in new versions.



Re: Anyplace TV App?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@BS: The Anyplace home edition app has been around for a long time, so your post doesn't really apply in regards to @April3's question.  I don't know why @April3 is having issues with the app, but here are my suggestions.


1. Wait a little while. Often an issue will go away in a few hours or by the next day.

2. If that doesn't work, try deleting and reloading the app, as well as rebooting/restarting your device.


@April3 : What device and OS are you using?  If you've got an iPad or iPhone, check out the following link too:

Re: Anyplace TV App?

I've Been Here Awhile

Right now im using a samsung tab e lite with android 4.4  plus the other person that lives in this apartment has a BLU grand max android 6.0 

Re: Anyplace TV App?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@April3 :  Sorry, I should have asked these additional questions earlier.


1. Was Home Edition working for you recently?

2. Has this issue just cropped up today, or is it longer?

3. Do you meet the requirements as outlined in the Anyplace FAQ, item 2?


  • A Rogers Digital TV package subscription.
  • A Rogers SD, HD, or 4K digital box that you rent or own (digital adapters are not supported).
  • Rogers Internet on the same account as your TV service (in order to live stream).
  • An iPhone/iPad running iOS 7 or later versions, or an Android device running Android 4.0 or later versions.
  • A MyRogers profile, with your Rogers Digital TV account linked to it.


Re: Anyplace TV App?

I'm a Senior Advisor oops. Yes. Home version is last remaining legacy app to permit for PVR access. I missed the poster say home version. Oops. Sorry for misinformation and thanks for catching it. Bruce