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Re: Alert Ready

@OLDYELLRand @57


Absolutely  correct in both cases - we were sitting in a restaurant when the alert came over the TV, but not over our phones, as they are older Smart Phones.  Interesting how the model was not designed to be backwards compatible, or say even text based, or a phone message.  So I guess we have to survive as we always have without the alert.  I will count on someone to call me to tell me there is something going on, or just pass on in bliss, or be surprised by what is happening, as I would have been in the past.


Oh and yes, I would have to actually have my phone on at night, and I wonder if the alert comes when I have it on do not disturb, as I often have it, even when it is on.  As I said before, I am more likely to get it from my TV or my radio, yes, I still listen to radio.


Won't motivate me to get a new phone though or to turn my phone on when I don't want to be disturbed. Smiley Wink



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