AMC not working

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AMC not working

The Walking Dead is getting really close, and AMC isn't working. It's on Channel 39, and I live in Toronto. It was working around 1 month ago, but when I tried to watch the July 4th marathon, it was static. I haven't been using it much after the season finale in March 30. But around Early June or so, I installed an Adapter on 1 of my 2 TVs for Channel 36, Fairchild TV. I use cable, and because of the adapter, no other channels work for the TV with the adapter. How can I get Channel 39 back? Also I don't think I'm using a basic package because I have a lot of other channels working above and below.





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Re: AMC not working

Your post is a little confusing.


How did you connect?  Did you just have the cable going directly into the tv?  If so, you're not going to get it back without some form of digital adapter or digital box.


You also mention you cant get any tv with the adapter.  Did you call to have it authorized?  Did you try unplugging and replugging it in?

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Re: AMC not working

It does sound like they were using analog only.

Lurker is right, that the only way to get most channels is via digital box now, soon all analog will be gone.

You may need to have the box properly added/authorized to get it working right.