9865 HD PVR - Can Schedule but Can't Play Recordings

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9865 HD PVR - Can Schedule but Can't Play Recordings

I bought a second hand 9865 hd pvr. Every thing is working properly and it is hooked up properly. I've rebooted it a couple times now. The issue is I can schedule a recording and it shows up in my scheduled recordings and when I push the record button it states that this program is now recording. All that seems fine but when I go to list there is nothing there. Is this a hard drive problem or something else. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks.



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Re: 9865 Hd Pvr - Can Schedule but Can't Play Recordings

Did you check to see if it could play a recording when you bought it?   Will it "pause live TV" by pressing the record button?   What if you tune to a channel like CP24 for a while?   Are you able to REW to the start of the time you changed to that channel?  Are you then able to FF to the current time?  If so, then the iHDD is likely working.  If not, there is an issue with the iHDD.


Here's the list of things you should have done before purchase.