8642HD really SLOW - is this normal?

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Re: 8642HD really SLOW - is this normal?

Well I don't know what special sauce you put on your box but I can assure you mine are as slow as ever, and if anything have gotten worse.  The response to all buttons is about 2-3 seconds, but even worse for accessing the list of recorded shows, that's more like 4-5 seconds.  It may not sound like much, but the response on our Nextbox3 rental box is more like .2 seconds, so at least 10 times faster.  Watching TV with these boxes is honestly a chore.  After about 30 seconds you're ready to chuck the remote at the TV.


This is the message I got from one of the admins on here regarding the apparently upcoming update: "This update is the first one that I am aware of that has been specifically designed for the older model of boxes".  Even if this update materializes, and even if it actually works, I've been dealing with these problems since July 2017, so being told to continue to wait patiently is wearing extremely thin.