7.1 Surround Sound?

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7.1 Surround Sound?

I understand now that rogers only uses Dolby 5.1. So no matter what I do I can't use Dolby s, DTS nureal or any of the other exotic formats? You cant even rent a blue ray any more so I'm screwed and stuck with 5.1? This sucks. 



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Re: 7.1 Surround Sound?

Good morning @remaxman,


Buyers remorse is never a good feeling. I've had my fair share of it too...


But you are correct, we do only support Dolby 5.1 currently. It seems like while the world has made great gains on the video side, the media entertainment industry hasn't wholly updated to 7.1 as of yet. Even on the video gaming front, few games seem to fully support 7.1.


Hopefully a more widespread adoption of 7.1 takes place soon. Audiophiles deserve the highest quality sound to go along with their 4K TVs 🙂





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Re: 7.1 Surround Sound?

I'm not sure that's correct.  During the later years of Corner Gas, they broadcast DD6.1 audio and the Rogers equipment (SA8300HD handled it, so I do not think it's a limitation of the equipment, rather the broadcasters choose not to go beyond 5.1.  Here's a previous post on the topic.  DD7.1 should be possible with the Rogers equipment, it's just that the broadcasters don't broadcast beyond DD5.1.  There is almost no source material (outside of BDs) that is DD7.1.  Lossless audio is also discussed briefly in the link below:




As mentioned in the link, there are settings in most 7.1 AVRs that provide for decoding of incoming DD5.1 to 7.1 (and higher) signals.