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Re: 4k nextbox

I don't have 4K, so maybe someone who does will chip in on the subject. How far away are you sitting from your 65" TV? I have a Samsung 50" TV and sit about 12 feet from it. At that distance there's not a huge difference between HD and SD and I can't tell the diffrence between 1080i and 720p. Ideally I should be sitting 7-10 feet from the screen to enjoy the full benefit of 1080 resolution.  If something appears on the screen, like a note or a text message on a cellphone, I have to pause and get up closer to read it.  According to this chart, you need to be 6-7 feet from a 65" screen to see the full benefit of 2160p. Of course a lot depends on the focus, lighting and subject matter of the original content.



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Re: 4k nextbox

Hello @caddy26

I have a LG 65inch 4k OLED in my living room and a 55JU6500 in my bedroom. I can see the difference. The TV'S do upscale the 1080i feed to close to 4K but not much. Also the HDMI cables do this trick as well.

My parents have the LG 65 6540 in their home and I see it as well.
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Re: 4k nextbox



I am growing tired of switching back and forth from our PVR input to our 4k box input and am debating returning the 4k box until Rogers comes out with an all in one 4k PVR.


Any word on when this is happening? In all honesty, the 4k channel(s) look amazing but the lack of content at this stage isn't worth the $12.95/month for the 4k box IMO.

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Re: 4k nextbox

Hello @Dimundz88

Last from what i heard was starting of Summer. The manager i spoke to told me that they got a on a conference call and they got told it's going to be pushed back until starting summer. ( So June i believe). He said it was due to the new Navigrt update which they need to perfect before releasing the box
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Re: 4k nextbox

So it looks like this thread kind of got away from what I posted earlier. BUT I did want to share that I have semi-resolved the issue. If I turn off/on my equipment in this sequence, 4K Box>TV>Receiver, it always starts in 4K. I have a Harmony remote that is programmed this way, and it always seems to work.

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Re: 4k nextbox

Hello dfarrow5

Well the thread was made by another user about the 4K box so everyone is asking different questions about it which is allowed. Sorry if no one answered ur question..

Not bad at all. I had a customer at my work get a Onkyo Receiver and did the same with the 4K box. It seems to be a issue on their end which hopefully gets resolved soon.
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Re: 4k nextbox

if i upgrade from HDnextbox to 4K box, i will get some channels in 4K!, but how about the rest,are they gonna remain in HD?, or its going to downgrade?!

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Re: 4k nextbox

Hello @Mustangv6

All channels will remain in HD. Only channels 994-999 are in 4K. Those are the sports channels which Blue Jay, Raptors and Maple leafs are broadcasted in 4K in home games.

Unfortunately it all depends on each broadcasters to upgrade their systemsand cameras to 4K. Rogers has no control over this.

You will receive 4K only on the channels I listed above and HD on the rest of the channels which broadcast in HD. The rest that don't are in SD.
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Re: 4k nextbox

Clarification:  In the same way that SD transitioned to HD with eventually almost all channels being available in HD (15 years later), HD may transition to 4K, adding more 4K channels as broadcasters add equipment, etc.  So, years from now, there may be many more 4K channels.


However, keep in mind that the SD to HD transition brought huge benefits in picture quality, while the transition from HD to 4K is not nearly as beneficial, depending on the size of your screen and viewing distance. 

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Re: 4k nextbox

Hello @57

The user was talking about changing the boxes now and for the channels to change, not in 3-4 years lol. That will happen but the user was asking if Channels would stay or change over.

I won't get into the debate that 4K UHD is not nearly denifical as it is but to each their own. I can see on a 55inch that 4K UHD is 10 times better and even on my 65inch. Yes where u sit and how far u sit also plays at as well.

Yes indeed there will be more 4K channels but it all depends on the broadcaster when they release the upgrade to their systems to show 4K and what cameras they use. Just like CP24 is only in 1080P but I'm pretty sure they can change to 4K. It's the cost that's behind it.
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