4K Leafs and Raptors...

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4K Leafs and Raptors...

I subscribed to Rogers 4K on March 3rd and have enjoyed four (4) games in 4K in the first ten days...one of which was not listed on the Rogers Sportsnet 4K schedule (I cannot find a TSN 4K schedule anywhere). I was surprised that the Leafs game vs. Detroit on March 7th was in 4K as it was not listed on the Sportsnet 4K schedule. Also, the Raptor game in Milwaukee on March 4th was on TSN44K...I did not know they could do away games. Last nights game vs. Dallas was in 4K as well.


I am very surprised by the lack of information on the internet about these games.


The games looks great on my Vizio M65-D0 although none of the broadcasts came through in HDR (I hear the Jays games are in HDR). The faces in the crowd are completely distinguishable now. Close ups of players reveals fantastic detail ie. there was a bench shot of Mitch Marner who was holding his stick with the top end facing the camera and you could count the number of layers of tape he went around the knob of his stick. Watching the HD channels in 1080 is very difficult now.



SNO4K March 7 home vs. Det*

SNO4K March 9 home vs. Phi

SNO4K March 23 home vs. NJ

SN14K April 9 away vs. CBJ



TSN44K March 4 away vs. MIL*

TSN44K March 13 home vs. DAL*

SN14K March 16 home vs. OKC

SN14K March 19 home vs. IND

SN14K March 29 home vs. CHA

SN14K March 31 home vs. IND

SN14K April 2 home vs. PHL

Note: TSN 4K schedule is no were to be found


* (games not listed on Rogers/Sportsnet/TSN 4K schedule)




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Re: 4K Leafs and Raptors...

Hello @hidesfvics

Believe me i had a hard time trying to find the games as well. Seems like they advertise the 4K alot but not the actual games.

Oh believe me i love it. On my 65inch 4K OLED (2016) and on my 55X850XBR in the bedroom its amazing watching it all on 4K. Often I just watch the 4K channel lol
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: 4K Leafs and Raptors...

I find it hard to believe that neither TSN or Sportnet are marketing these 4K broadcasts. I cannot find anything online regarding TSN 4K since this time last year's announcment (Jan 20, 2016) of broadcasting the first 4K game....and the Sportsnet 2017 schedule is not even listing all the games they are actually broadcasting in 4K...is no one subscribing to Rogers 4K?