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Setting up a recording using Navigatr

  Worried about missing your favourite show? Looking to set up your recording schedule ahead of time? Well you are in luck.    Steps: 1. First I’ll show you how to set up a recording using the Navigatr Guide. 2. Start by pressing [GUIDE]. Then scrol...

Navigate Through the Welcome Screens On Navigatr

  1. The onscreen notification will appear when the update has been completed.   2.  To skip the welcome screens and watch TV, press Exit. To continue through the screens, continue to the next step     3.  Press OK/Select to continue through the we...

RTN_OnBoarding_1_.jpg RTN_OnBoarding_1_.jpg RTN_OnBoarding_3.jpg

Delete Multiple Recordings on Navigatr

  With the latest Navigatr update, you will have the ability to select & delete multiple recordings at once.   1. Press List:   2. Use the Right directional arrow to scroll to Manage PVR Space and press OK/Select:     3. Select the programs you wan...

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