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Navigatr Guide for NextBox 



With the latest updates, you’ll be getting quite a lot: a redesigned PVR, a new guide, a new menu with redesigned settings, plus enhanced search capabilities that makes it easier to find and discover programs you love.



Recording with the Navigatr Guide


Set Recording-1.png  Purchase, Record and Cancel PPV4 Screen Shot 2000-12-31 10.12 PM.jpg  Saved_PVR_Scheduled_Hz.jpg 
Set Recording Options

Purchase, Record and Cancel PPV

Delete or  Cancel Recordings




MainMenu_Hz.jpg  Enable Disable Channel Banner Screen Shot 2000-12-31 9.21 PM.jpg  Get more.jpg 
Access Recordings on PVR

Enable or Disable Channel Banner

Order Channels with the Remote



Navigatr Guide makes managing your display super-easy


APPS-2.jpg  TV Call Display.jpg  CreatePIN14.png 
Manage TV Call Display VM Pop-Up

Manage TV Call Display Snooze

Create and Manage your PIN




EditFavList3.png  UseTVMix4.png  Search_2Broke_keyboard_Hz.jpg 
Edit Favourites List

Use the TV Mix Feature

Manually Search Program Listings



Using Access, Block and change Features on the Navigatr Guide


HideTitles3.png  BlockChannels5.png  AccessRecommendation15.png 
Hide Blocked Titles

Block or Unblock Channels

Access the Recommendation App




AccessWeather2.png  ChangeRatio2.png  FrontPanel7.png 

Access the Weather Application

Change Display and Aspect Ratio

Change the Front Panel Display




  Navigatr Guide Banner.jpg


Rogers Navigatr Guide

It’s time to improve your TV experience. The new NextBox program guide has been redesigned with simplified menus to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Click here to watch some videos or click here to check out our Navigatr FAQs.

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