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Terrible Customer Service in Adjusting my Account Balance for more than 3 months

I've Been Around

I have been dealing with Rogers agents and two the manager in the past two months. And every time calling to rogers, I need to spend over 2 hours on the phone to get hold of someone in Home Monitoring department who can address my inquiry.


I had this Home Monitoring system and cancelled it within one month time frame of customer satisfaction. Due to many technical issues, I had to cancel Rogers service. The cameras most of the time were not getting connected  to app or the panel on the door was not being controlled remotely on my app if I wish to put a new code for someone to grant the access.


On the day of the equipment pick up by Rogers technician which was December 1, 2022, I called Rogers and spoke with agent London and his manager Herman. Herman confirmed that the whole amount of ~$1,600 will be credited back to my account on the next bill cycle (Jan 3, 2023). It did not happen though. From December 1, 2022 up to today I have talking with different agents and managers and they all confirmed that this will be resolved and adjusted. But, still I am receiving the calls and notifications from Rogers to make payments.


Calling the customer service line, I need to wait for more than 2 hours to speak with someone and sometimes the call is disrupted/disconnected.  In some cases, the call is directed to wrong departments even though I am calling the Home Monitoring department.


The last manager I spoke with was a gentleman called Andrew. Andrew confirmed that he has taken care of the adjustment and it will be adjusted soon. But, still after a week, I can see the balance is not adjusted. 


I am really tired of all these long process. But giving you a hint, every time calling to other competitor in the market (BTW, I replaced Rogers with another provider in the market), the inquiry will be taken care of without any due delay. That what makes me upset about why did I not pick them at the first place?  Why did I go with Rogers with this terrible customer service? They cannot even make a simple adjustment on my account where they know my position is correct. And every time their managers and agents are telling it is taken care of, but it is not. 


For this reason, DO NOT go with Rogers for anything in your life if you time and money matters to you! There are other providers which have less frequent technical problems and provide a much better customer care. 


I am getting to the stage that I should probably wait for Rogers to send my amount to collection agencies where I can finally amplify my voice based on the proofs that I have. So DISAPPOINTED by Rogers customer service. I will never go back to Rogers even though was with them in the last 6 years on my cell phone. 

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