Smart Home Monitoring Alarm Volume

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Smart Home Monitoring Alarm Volume

Any way to increase the volume when the alarm goes off? Mine has gone off twice now and could not be heard from our upstairs bedroom, or is there a seperate speaker or horn that can be added?



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Re: Smart Home Monitoring Alarm Volume

I don't have Rogers home monitoring but my alarm horn is in a cold air return duct so that the nose is very loud and throughout the house.

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Re: Smart Home Monitoring Alarm Volume

Hello, @Speg80.


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. You can look into the multipurpose peripheral, Siren Repeater that works with the touchpad to emit a sound greater than 85dB. 


If you want to know more about the Siren Repeater or to order it, please reach out to Smart Home Monitoring Care




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Re: Smart Home Monitoring Alarm Volume

This is not a particularly helpful response. It would be simple enough for Rogers to allow the volume of the alarm to be increased from the touchpad, rather than forcing the consumer to buy yet another product.