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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Will 3rd Party Cameras work with Rogers Smart Home Controller?


Can I get confirmation on whether I can use 3rd party cameras from Sony, DLink, etc., with my Rogers Smart Home Monitoring?  I already have 2 Rogers supplied cameras, but want to integrate others.


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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Hello @JS45

At this moment there is no other camera which can use the SMH other then the Rogers ones they provide. They started to support Nest thermostat but we shall see what happens next. I'll keep u updated.

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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

iCamera2 that I got only shoots 480P


Just got the RSH system installed and I was told that the new cameras are 720P.  Called tech and they walked me through changing the resolution.  There was high, med, low but the highest setting was 680 x 480 with no higher resolution to choose from.   It's frustrating because I'm reading from other posts that the picture/video is pretty clear!  We can't even make out a license plate for the car parked in our drive way.  Right now, the cameras are indoors pointing out, but I intend on getting them installed outdoors.  I did a test with the installer to shoot with the video camera outside through the door and the video was still pixelated.  So its definitely not the window glass.


Any advice is appreciated.  

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Re: Smart Home Cameras..


Hello, @thekid416


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for joining and posting your query in the Community. The iCamera 2 supports 720p resolution and it's definitely upsetting not able to see the option to change it. 


@Meowmix@Gdkitty - any ideas as to why the option to change the resolution is not available?




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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

From what I've read and heard from CSR the camera is supposed to be 720P but for some reason it's locked at 640x480 resolution.  I've tested a relatives system and they have the same result.


I recommend for others to go to their touch screen units and check their camera resolutions.  Let me know if you get 720p.

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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Day/Night HD Camera not detecting motion


I just got the Day/Night HD Camera added to my Smart home system yesterday.  According to the description of the camera, it "supports motion detection with three different motion sensor sensitivity levels to suit your needs"


I'm trying to create a rule to:

1) When my: Camera

2) Becomes: Motion

3) Do this: Take a video clip

   Select: camera


For some reason, it fails to detect motion and take the video.  When I walked by the camera I can see the green light blink.


I have other rules where if I open the door, take the video clip and it works.


It just seem that the camera is not detecting any motion.  I have tried playing with the 3 sensitivity and even turning motion on and off but it doesn't work 


Am I missing something



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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Good day @xx001,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Community!


I understand your need to ensure the camera is set up properly, to fulfill your monitoring needs.

Are you referring to the Sercomm iCamera 2 High Definition Day/Night Camera?


I am able to confirm that a Motion Detection Method is included as a true motion sensor (microwave) and frame-by-frame comparison (pixel-based motion detection).
The sensitivity can be toggled between high/medium/low, as the camera provides 3 resolutions: 720p HD (1280x720) - VGA (640x480) & QVGA (320x240).


Were you able to get your issue resolved since you last posted?

I would recommend getting in touch with one of our Smart Home Monitoring trained technician.


You can chat with one now at, and click on the following:

Sans titre.png

As you can see above, it is also possible for you to give them a call at 1-855-381-7840. Smiley Wink


Hope this helps!



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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

we have 4 cameras 2 are hardwired every since we out up our christmas lights they sometimes go out when lights are on rogers has said inference they have replaced our touchpad net gear and tp links as these are hardwired not wireless however what’s even more odd even during the day the cameras go out drop connection it’s becoming very frustrating and no one can seem to figure it out if it’s caused by the christmas lights fine we can deal with them going out for 5 hours when on but if it’s really the case why would they go out when off? new plugs were also installed so cameras and tp links have their own outlet any suggestions would be great
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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Hello @james80,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


That is a very strange issue! Christmas lights really shouldn't affect the cameras at all. I totally get your frustration here as its always an uneasy feeling when you don't know whats going on at your home.


I would like to run some tests on my end to see if I can detect anything that could be causing the cameras to go offline. I will need to pull up your information in order to get started on this. Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps the next time you're online and we can run some tests on your equipment.


For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.



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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Rogers Smart home monitoring camera




I am not able to view the cameras from web control centre  from my computer for months now. It works fine from smart phone and touch pad. I tried emailing but the email bounced back saying it is not valid or reachable. I have tried using different computers and from chrome, explorer and firefox - but to no avail. The the web control centre keeps showing "the system is unable to establish camera connections..." so what could be the issue? what good are the cameras if I cannot access them from my laptops or desktops?