Self home monitoring, not for smoke detectors?

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Self home monitoring, not for smoke detectors?

Is it true that smoke alarms will not alert you through email (or text) if you cancel 24/7 monitoring? This seems strange.
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Re: Self home monitoring, not for smoke detectors?

Hi @archaicertes,


Thanks for the post! Our current residential Smart Home Monitoring packages have the included features built right into the predefined packages. For example, the "Control" package includes both the 24/7 monitoring as well as the smoke/fire monitoring. 

The "Assure" and "Protect" packages include the 24/7 monitoring, but do not include the smoke detection equipment/service.

The "Aware" package (which I believe is what you mean by self monitoring), includes the below features specifically:


  • Remote Control & Connections
  • Touchpad Rental
  • Lighting and Appliance Control
  • Dual Network Protection
  • Smartphone Control & Monitoring
  • Web Control Centre

You're absolutely correct that this package excludes the 24/7 monitoring. In addition, as per the inclusive features, smoke/fire detection is not offered through this particular package.


If there's anyone in the community who has the Smart Home service that can provide additional insight, please chime in! 🙂