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Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I plan to stick around

How can an upgrad really be an upgrade to the security system when the addition of 24 hour recording requires customers to purchase new cameras to accomadate this feature? At 170 a piece I have 3 that in less then to years need to be updated. ROGERED !



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Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I've been around

I just had one camera installed yesterday and the tech stated to me that if one camera then 7X24 recording, if 2 or more cameras - one of them is 7X24 and the other(S) are motion activated recording....

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Hello @gkoome,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


We appreciate you posting your concern in the Community, I know how important it is to have your cameras set up properly so you always know what is going on at home.


Currently, the system is only able to record continuously 24/7 from one camera at a time. The recordings are stored locally on the Touchscreen via a 64 GB Class 10 SD card which can store up to a week of recordings before it deletes the oldest content and replaces it with the newest content. For the motion activated cameras, an automation rule will need to be set up where you can email yourself a video clip when the cameras detect motion. You can also have video clips sent for a variety of other events such as the Alarm triggering, Doors/Windows opening, etc.


I know this probably isn't the answer you were hoping to hear but we're happy to hear any suggestions you have for improvement.





Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I have three cameras and simpily set a rule for all cameras to record clips everytime they see motion so if someone enters your home all three will be recording as they are triggered.

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I plan to stick around

Hey everyone, just had our system installed today. The “Aware” package, self monitored, with a touchpad. Couple of questions...

Do I need to use the N300 router they installed, or can I configure the system to work off of my standard router? 

Do I need the touchpad, or can I run strictly off the app? 

Im going to do some tinkering, but wondered if anyone else had tried these things.


thanks in advance,

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I'm a trusted advisor
Hello @Sandymctyre

1). Yes you need to use that router as its only meant for the system to communicate and share the Internet between the touchpad, sensors, cameras and such

2). The touchpad is the brain of the whole SHM system.. You need to have this in order to use the system. Just like ADT and other systems which have touchpads as well.

I would be very careful on what " tickering" u do. This ain't a system to play around with as you can ultimately turn something off or shut off something important.

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I've been around

Recording videos causes my touchpad to reboot... not impressed with this camera system.

I have a 64GB USB flash drive I inserted into the TouchPad.

I loaded the video time slot I wanted to save and hit the save to USB icon in the upper right corner.

It shows it is saving, but midway through it cuts out and says video is successfully saved.

I load another video time slot and did the same. Only this time it reboots the touchpad while trying to save.

It is consistent behavior and tested with different USB flash drives. I even tried saving one video and then put into my computer only to tell me the flash drive is corrupted. I'm getting really irritated and annoyed with this. 

I have tried NTFS and exFAT with no success. It even managed to brick one of my flash drives. None of my systems now recognize it or see it. Great, nice to know this system is garbage.


Seriously, the smart home monitoring is just plain stupid. It can't do the simple function of saving and backing up some videos I want. You can't even put a larger capacity card in and save for a longer period of time. It bricks one of my flash drives... this is just frustrating.

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Hello, @NonSense


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can imagine how disappointing it must be for you to experience all of these issues with your camera recordings. It definitely should not be this hard to save your video recordings. =(


From what you have described, it sounds like there could be an issue with the Touchpad or the actual USB port itself. I'd like to run some tests on your equipment from my end to see if there are any errors we can detect. Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can locate your info and get started.


If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please Click Here.



Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I've been here awhile
This is pretty useless IMO. What is the point of only being able to track 1 camera? It’s certainly reason enough for me to cancel my subscription.

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

The rogers system is never designed to be a full blown DVR camera system.
Its primarily designed for live viewing.. and as well for reactionary recordings.  EG: alarm goes off, record 10 seconds of video and sends to person X and Y.


Heck, even 2/3 of the newer camera systems are like that.  Most of your NEST, etc units, are primarily designed for LIVE viewing.  Most of them you have to pay even up to $10 a month, per camera, for them to record it to the cloud.

I have 2 rogers cameras.. and use them for watching the doors and recording video there when opened, etc..  and thats it.
I spend quite a bit of money to get a separate full DVR based system for other recording.

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I've been here awhile
Fair enough, although I am paying a subscription to Rogers ultimately so why not record it?

I do have a Hive camera and it records the last 7 days for free. Advanced recording and features are available as an upgrade.

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring



Constant issues with the app and receivers:
I normally don't go this far to rant/brag/vent etc, but purchasing the Rogers smart home system was a terrible idea. I got this system out of spite because someone had broken into my truck, I wanted to get notified and have a camera feed if someone were to come back (as they took my garage door opener so I was expecting more company eventually)

So, I had Rogers install my home cameras and tablet security monitoring thing about 3 months ago. The first day the installer had TONS of connection issues, recommended I just keep restarting the app on my phone to get the feed to pull in, so the feed on the cameras is not 100% at all, I learned at once there was a website feed link you could visit but I learned that was deprecated so now it's limited to phone applications only.

On top of that, out of the gate... there are NO push notifications. Ring, Eye etc all those brands have push notifications easily accessible and it's VERY user friendly to get setup in the app.

Now i'm locked into a 1 year contract for garbage hardware and I only signed up for this service because my truck was broken into it and early sometime this morning, my neighbors truck was broken into with no recordings stored because one of the receivers just decided to die on it's own, yes the router/recievers/ cameras are VERY close to each other distance wise.

It seem's more ideal to just spend $100+ on a Ring and avoid monthly payments and get push notifications setup easily. The app feels too confusing (i'm a CTO for a tech company so saying it's confusing should say something on it's own) and only having SMS or EMAIL push notifications is a no-fly-zone for me and is a terribly thought of method of alerting someone, I get texted by multiple people and there is no differentiator besides the message body.

Please fix the app and make it more user friendly and please QA test your hardware in more than 1 situation before releasing a contract obligated service to the public. 

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

I've been around
Hello, I purchased a micro 64 gb SD card. In order to set it up and record up to 24/7. Is it just insert and that’s it? Or do I have to set up anything with the settings or record feature? Do I have to press record and leave it?

Re: Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Hi @Nick62,


Welcome to the Community :)!


We'd definitely want to help you get started. Once you've inserted the SD card, please open the camera widget on the Touchpad, tap on the REC button to begin 24/7 recordings.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.






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