Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

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Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I am planning to cancel Smart Home Monitoring service and replace with a DIY system. I own all the equipment installed by Rogers, including the console and the sensors. What would I need to do to repurpose the system and add my own devices such as a survellance camera withou thaving to pay another service provider?





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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Hi @moraroad


Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to provide you with the information for such installation as the task is not supported by Rogers.



@Gdkitty do you have any ideas? Anyone else in the Community have anything to chime in ?





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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I thought the consoles were rentals only? Huh.. never knew that.

My big concern would be.. is i am not sure if the console itself, WORKS without being connected by/through rogers.
It might.. but might need a custom firmware or something on it to work as stand alone.. .as the current config is all designed to go through rogers for authentication, etc.


Beyond that.. the sensors SHOULD work with any other system which is compatable with them. (which ones that are? i dont know).

Such things as a camera?
Again, would depend on the software/system the core touch pad (weither re formated rogers one or other brand).  Weither they can go THROUGH the monitoring software on the pad may be the question.
Beyond that.. just about any networked camera can be used with any network connection... just not tied in with say programmed things like a door opening, etc.

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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Thanks gdkitty. From other comments I believe Rogers uses the Zigbee system. Any further insights? Thanks.

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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Unfortunately, not much.

Only had experience using the actual rogers system.

I have heard the same, that the sensors are zigbee.
One of the pannels.. was Technicolor.. the other i am not quite sure.

It would all be about finding COMPATABLE stuff.

(and again, comes down to a compatable base system then for everything to connect through, etc.


Unfortunately with all these new system, they are so interconnected, arent meant to be 'stand alone'
Compared to OLDER ones, which were stand alone, and really just called out when needed..

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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Hey @moraroad
@Gdkitty is right.

The Equipment (camera and sensor) can be reprogrammed but as far as I know with the same manufacture (Zigbee). However, your CCTV concept won't work. Since the Central hub needed is provided by rogers. (the servers and alert system)
Your Touch pad isn't the central hub per say, but it is the bridge to it.
That being said. You would some what need a replacement of your touch panel (touch pad is going to be a great tablet for the kids after that and not thing more).
However, installation, support and any potential warranty with it is thrown out the window when you go Solo like that.
even Zigbee won't support your current hardware as it is programmed for Rogers and that's a OS flash I believe.

@Gdkitty also mentioned about how old stuff was... YEAH I agree.
Old school had wiring. + and - and thats it. It was easy.
Now its all wifi and software this, firmware that... 😕 so it becomes proprietary hardware - even though as stock it WAS compatible.

Best of Luck though, Im sure you can find answers... but it's very limited.





Main question to ask though, why are you even thinkin of cancelling Smart Home Monitoring?

I have it as well,

I use it for security but more importantly, Home automation is the reason I love it the most. If i start doing NEST and other brands their cost adds up - They have month cost too, fyi...

Anything bothering you?

What's the concern? Tell us, maybe we can help...

There are pros and cons to both Monitoring system and stand alone CCTV system. You probably want to make a decision after seing both cons (losses) and pros (gains) and try to compare apples to apples as much as possible...


What you are looking to do, is a full system change, this shouldn't be taken lightly... as it isn't cost friendly.

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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

....for some items, the short answer is yes..


OLD rogers stuff is not compatible with NEW "others" stuff.


The recent cams are Icamera 1000's and 2's and are stock stuff.


You will need a home server (or a good PC configured as a server) to handle the video streams and the software package to handle the sensors and accept the rules.


Prepare to spend some $$$$ and if you are not familiar with the IP accesses and programming, you might have to hire someone to set it up.   (this assumes you are trying to duplicate the Rogers system features. )


Remote monitoring of cams is easy. (check the Q-SEE website) Getting them to sense notify and record is more difficult. Cross functions is server and software territory..


Good luck!



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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

The main reason why anyone thinks about dumping Rogers is that they keep on increasing their charges in bits and pieces.  Perhaps most consumers don't notice.  If some notice and quit, they don't care because  most of the subscribers do not notice the increases.


I started by paying $37.86, including taxes.  They they bumped it up to $56.49 and now to $62.13.  They think that this has gone unnoticed or may be it is because the Canadian Dollar has weakend ?????????

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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment



My cost has remained the same for the past  2 years + ...


The weaker Canadian dollar would reflect in the cost of equiupment, but not reflect in the cost of the service.  (Cams and routers etc. are sourced in the US)



Rogers Employee lockdown2341
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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

How closely do you read your bill @PSethi? Do you actually look into why the charges have increased or just look at the total? I'm sure if you actuall go into the bill and view the monthly charges you'll find out why the bill went up. It doesn't just go up for no reason, and even if there was an across the board price increase it would only happen one month, not over several months.


Just from personal experience, you probably had a promotion come off the account, you have late payment charges on the bill, or you have usage of some sort (assuming you have services other then the SHM).