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Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been here awhile

I am planning to cancel Smart Home Monitoring service and replace with a DIY system. I own all the equipment installed by Rogers, including the console and the sensors. What would I need to do to repurpose the system and add my own devices such as a survellance camera withou thaving to pay another service provider?





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Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Has anyone explored or installed garage door device to link up with roger touchpad so that we can remotely open and close it?

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

While I know there area a few on the market.. dont think if any of them are specifically designed to work with the rogers system.  (as you need to get a zigbee capable one, not just wifi, etc. and it needs to connect to the touchpad app, etc).

Only way i could see to cheat the system, would be to use a device outlet based one.. where when you turned it on, powers the power port... which if that could trigger something to then send a quick close of the circuit to the garage door opener.
(all that is needed to send a signal to the garage door to open it, is to close an electrical circuit briefly.  I have 2 extra button openers set up in my house.. some telephone wire to where the button is.. and just put a basic doorbell button.  Pressing the button closes the circuit which tells it to open)

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've recently cancelled my Rogers Smart Home Monitoring and gave my cameras to a friend who also uses Rogers Smart Home Monitoring. My cameras won't work with his system even though it's the exact same hardware. My hardware was working perfecting up until I cancelled my Rogers Home Monitoring service. We unplugged his camera and simply plugged mine in and it won't work. Any suggestions on how I can get them to work for my friend or an explanation as to why they won't work?

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Hello @RobertBarrett,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your very first post! 😃


It's awesome of you to give your cameras to a friend now that you won't need them. I can understand your concern with the cameras not working with your friend's system. Rest assured, the cameras themselves are not faulty as there is a bit of a complex process that needs to be done to "Pair" the cameras to the security router and Touchscreen. It is not a simple plug and play type of setup as the connection needs to be secured.


The process itself is not supported via remote channels. Your friend will need to reach out to us to have a service call scheduled so a technician can properly install and test the cameras with their system. They can either Call: 1-855-381-7840 or Chat: Alternatively, they can also send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps here in the Community.


If they are not familiar with the process you can direct them to this Blog.


I hope this helps!



Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been here awhile
I’m looking to swap out the touchpad. I don’t need cameras or anything like that (nor do I have them in my SHM setup).

I’d like to repurpose the door/window and motion sensors to another compatible Zigbee system, but the Samsung Smartthings hub doesn’t recognize the sensors.

Anybody got a suggestion for a compatible hub? I don’t need monitoring anymore - just home security/alarm.


Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

getting rid of RSHM system. usable to someone else???

I have cancelled my Rogers Smart Home Monitoring and would like to sell the system. Rogers says they won't hook up a used system for someone else, it belongs to me and only me. would it be useful in any way to anyone else? shame to add it to the landfill.

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been here awhile

Hey jaimicksona - when you cancelled, did you have to return the hub?


I would cancel my service if they didn't take the hub back (would solve my hub/sensor issue), and if they really don't hook up used systems, then logic would say they wouldn't take it back.


Curious about your experience?



Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Hey @jaimicksona,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thanks for your first post! 


We're sorry to hear you've cancelled your Smart Home Monitoring service. Like you, I think it seems wasteful to throw your equipment away. If you pass your sensors on secondhand to another Rogers customer, we could pair the equipment to their existing system. 


@RobbieD, to answer your question, the Touchpad is typically a rental and needs to be returned upon cancellation. 





Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been around
Using the new SmartThings App. For Visonic Door/windows contact sensors
To Pair:

Go to add device
Select Ecolink under open/closed sensor
put your sensor in pairing mode
Pair your Visonic (rogers or Xfinity) door sensor
After Pairing:

Log into 21
under my devices, locate your added Visonic sensor.
Edit and change to Tyco Door/Window Sensor.
That should work. Someone else on this forum figured this out so I can’t take the credit on this :slight_smile: Tyco is the manufacture of Visonic

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been here awhile

This worked like a charm

Tried to apply the same logic to the glass break sensor and could not find a device handle that can handle it. Custome code is available but for Zwave only. 

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been here awhile



I'm also thinking of canceling my Rogers SHS.  I can't seem to get an appointment in Calgary to get them to come fix their system being unable to connect to the internet reliably. (Booking 2 months out.)  I've had this problem for months and even after moving their router to plug in directly to the Cable modem still cant keep the internet connection alive.  


What do the Smoke/Fire Detector and Carbon Monoxide sensor use to connect to the Rogers System?  Are these able to be re-used with a different system?  Any advice?  

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been here awhile

One thing I noticed that they install, the cheapest possible equipment, since the re-purposing, I had replaced the door sensors with Samsung ones @$30 a piece and they are working like a charm, they also detect vibration, motion and temperature. 


Their door sensors however, was able to detect the temperature with ST but that feature was never used with their native primitive system.


The carbon monoxide sensor I never was able to pair with smart things hub, and the motion sensor paired but never worked reliably.  I am still using the CO sensor as a standalone device, however, I suggest to buy a supported one by Smart Things. 


Rogers SHS is . all around, but worked semi well with their . hub/screen. The reason I cancelled the service was that someone broke into my car at the same time the camera did not detect it or record it.


Overall, I am happy to get rid of their service and their equipment, with the exception of the icamera2 cameras since I reset them and use them with ispy on a separate CCTV system.  They detect motion perfectly now and record every time. 

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I've been here awhile

I had to cancel the service as the price went up drastically after contract period. Now I have to send back touch pad but whne I removed touch pad there ig hole made by rogers while installing I did not even noticed while installing. The technician shown me  the drill size hole required by the time I went up to see water sensor installing and come down the touch pad was installed. Technican cheated on me. Now I asked rogers about it and they say as per fine prints major cheater of this world, I have accepted for such kind of installation. I don't want to return touch pad until rgers fix the wall, but they say nothing going to happen except I see large bill. No I am just thinking of buying touch pad from rogers $500 and put back in place without monitoring. Is it good idea?


Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

I just cancelled my smart home monitor.

Does this mean that the door lock no longer works as well? Mine has stopped working and I don’t know if it’s a fluke or because I cancelled service.

If that’s the case does that mean that my fire detector and carbon monoxide detector will also no longer work?
Seems like a bad idea if I pay for the products

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Hi @Shannkn


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your first post!


We're so sorry to see you go as a customer but hope you are doing well. 


With the equipment that you mentioned they will all still work locally in the home. One thing you can try if you have noticed the door lock has stopped working is changing the 4 AA batteries in the door lock to new ones. 


Let us know if that helped.



Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Is it permitted (I don't see how or why it wouldn't other than greed) and possible to resell owned Roger's SHM equipment (cameras, sensors, bulbs) after cancelling a SMH service?

I am ridding of the service and don't feel good about recycling perfectly good functioning hardware just because Rogers wants exclusivity over peoples purchases and rather see them go to waste. I did not intentionally spend hundreds on equipment to be disposable.

If able to sell, what is the process for the seller and buyer with respect to ensuring the buyer will be able to connect?

Re: Repurposing Smart Home Monitoring Equipment

Greetings @ADayInCourt!


I've moved your post to a more relevant thread where I think you'll find the answers you're looking for.


The only real caveat is that you should make the buyer aware that functionality may be limited if they do not choose to subscriber to our service.




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