New Door Sensor

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Re: New Door Sensor

Hello @surajjaldu,


I know how exciting it is to get more devices for your Home security or Automation system, the day/night HD camera and the Smart LED bulbs are my personal favourites.


The Rogers Smart Home Monitoring system will only recognize sensors purchased from Rogers. We cannot guarantee that any sensors bought from a third party will work with the system.


You can find a list of all the compatible hardware available for the system by clicking on this LINK.


I hope this helps!



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Re: New Door Sensor



I just got Rogers SHM installed and now realize I need an additional door monitor.  Can I just buy any wireless door sensor or is there a specific made/model I should purchase.

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Re: New Door Sensor

They need to be specific.  They need to be able to communicate on the same protocols as the rogers system (they are not wifi)

You can order them right from rogers, and they will ship them out to your house.