Issues with connectivity to Rogers Home Monitoring

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Issues with connectivity to Rogers Home Monitoring

I was away and monitoring my system via the Smart Home app. All was good until sometime in the morning of March 15, 2019. After that I was unable to connect to my alarm system. The issue apparently happened between 8:51am & 9:46am. The person looking after our house had been in at about 8:30 that morning and had noted the touch monitor saying there was a firmware update occurring. When she came in the next morning (March 16) I had her look at the monitor. She said there was a zone CO error showing. I figured the CO monitor required new batteries.


When I returned home, I checked the monitor and it listed three error messages: 8:51am - "Network lost"; 9:45.46am "Panel Interface Board Communication Failure"; 9:45.52am "Zone CO Communication Failure."


I checked the CO monitor by pressing the test button and it beeped. I then followed the instructions on the Smart Home app to trouble shoot (ie. unplugging the alarm system router etc) but to no avail. Neither the touch monitor or the standard keyboard will set the alarm.


I checked broadband connection diagnostics on the touch monitor and all three criteria were fine (testing router/gateway connection; testing internet connectivity; testing server connectivity).


Short of contacting Rogers, anyone had similar issues or have solutions?


By the way, I am a little concerned if there are connectivity issues as I was told there was a cellular backup in case of issues with internet connection. 



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Re: Issues with connectivity to Rogers Home Monitoring

Good evening @dalziel66,


Thanks for your post! I understand your concern with the connectivity issues you're experiencing with your Smart Home Monitoring system.


Could you please try these steps to reboot the touchpad? 

  1. From the touchpad press Settings.
  2. Enter Master Code.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Choose Reboot Touchpad.
  5. Choose Reboot Touchpad again.
  6. Enter Master Code.
  7. The touchpad will shut down and restart.


Also, if your issues are related to the access from the app, please visit the following page: Troubleshooting Issues with the Smart Home Monitoring App.

Look into the "I'm having trouble connecting the app to the server" dropdown,


Let us know if it helps!