Change Default to "Armed Stay" on SHM Keypad

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Change Default to "Armed Stay" on SHM Keypad

When myself or a family member tries to arm the system at night to stay via the keypad, the system is preset to away mode and we have armed it without noticing a few times, aside from using the app, is there a way to have the option for armed stay as the default option when entering in my code?



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Re: Change Default to "Armed Stay" on SHM Keypad

Hello again, @Speg80


I know how important it is to ensure that you are selecting the right armed state to ensure you are protected and avoid any potential false alarms.


You'll find that if the Armed Away state is selected from the Touchscreen and the countdown timer expires without an entry/exit door sensor being triggered the system will revert to Armed Stay. The system must detect an entry/exit door open and close before it will arm the system as Away. 


Please be advised, if you are arming the system remotely via the mobile app no door sensor trigger is required. The system will arm in whatever state is selected.


Thank you for your post. 🙂