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I've Been Around
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Re: Wireless Refund

INTERAC TRANSFER: ROGERS WIRELESS has sent you transfer. (Removed potentially malicious URL - RogersTony) Data Rates Ma... Received the above-captioned txt message from 1 (855)841-6132 at 4:43 this a.m.  I believe it is fraud related.

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Re: Wireless Refund

Hello @Barry42!


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your first post! 👍


I can definitely confirm that the message you received is indeed a scam and was NOT sent by Rogers. As you can see from reading through this thread, you are not the only one who has received this type of message and we are glad that you reached out to confirm before proceeding any further!


Please note that we only send SMS' from shortcodes (4-6 digit numbers) instead of 10-digit phone numbers and we reference the URL: rogers.com.


When receiving any suspicious text messages, DO NOT click on any links/URL in the message as it could contain malicious malware that can harm your phone. You can, however, block the unwanted message using one of the following methods:


  • Forward the content of the SMS to 7726 (SPAM), to register it for investigation and blocking from the Rogers network. 
  • Through the Messaging app on your phone, in the Options/Settings, select to block the sender from your phone.

I really hope this information is useful! 




I've Been Around
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Re: Wireless Refund

Hi All,

Got the message to my mobile at 2:05 AM from +1-204-325-5944

Do you think that is it a scam message from Rogers? please advise. Just click the link but I did not select the bank account anything as such. Just come out from that link, did not do anything afterward. there won't be any problem am I right?


Message Content as below:

Dear Customer,

Here is your return from Rogers-Communication.

Please CONFIRM the steps below to claim your funds;

(Removed Potentially Malicious link - RogersTony)




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Re: Wireless Refund

Hello and welcome to our Community @srib!


Phishing emails and the like are nefarious. I'll do my utmost best to answer your question as clearly as possible.


If you've clicked a malicious link, we cannot guarantee that your information is secure. Most of the time, you have to download something in order to get infected but hackers can be clever.


What exactly happened when you clicked the link? Did it actually open a website or did it seemingly do nothing? If it did nothing, it's possible it was a dummy link that was embedded with malware.


Please let us know.