WARNING - Email Scam

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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

Hello pmedmoe1

The emails that the send customers ( the real email address and real email) is isa automated email. It won't allow Rogers to see what customers are sending to that email and in the email they send you, it will say do not reply. .

The feedback section is made for customers to email their complaints to Rogers but Rogers stopped supporting this a while ago if not year ago.  Now they have Live Chat, phone and on here if something big is happening per say. 


Maybe customers tried using that method and never got a response back. 



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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

One other possibility..
I know its in the case for me..
The emails associated for MAILINGS, is not unique in the system.  IE: someone can have the same email address (weither a rogers one or external) listed on two different account... for account information, marketing mailings, etc.

I have had my email address with rogers, since the rogerswave days. 
But i get mail, rogers account stuff about the rewards, etc... for another lady with the same first initial, same last name.  She has entered her email WRONG into the myrogers site as her contact email..

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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

Hello Gdkitty

While that is true, you never know if the email is a fake or real email even if its for someone else with the same name & last name. I would still flag it as fishing & have Google / Yahoo / Outlook deal with it as they will look into it.

I do this when i receive emails like this from Bell, Rogers & other companies as most of the times are fake ones
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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

I received an email from rogers@email.rogers.com about filling out a survey for a chance to win a gift card from Mastercard. I am wondering if this is a legit Rogers survey or a phishing scam email since it is addressed to "valued customer" with a link to click on to access the survey.


Dear Valued Customer,
We're always looking for ways to improve at Rogers, and because you're a Rogers customer we value your input. That's why we'd like to ask you to help us out with a survey.
When you complete the survey, you'll be automatically entered into a draw for a chance to win one grand prize of $1000 MasterCard™ prepaid card and one of five secondary prizes of $100 MasterCard™ prepaid cards. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and you can leave additional feedback at the end, in your own words. The survey will be accessible for 7 days



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Re: WARNING - Email Scam


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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

Has anyone else received an email survey from a Dig Insights saying they are doing it at Rogers request?

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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

ROGERS SCAM ALERT! Any so called deals for Rogers you find online including Rogers' bundles etc for $99 are all fakes. These are so called brokers often offshore (India not Canada) who take your info, call Rogers retention and try and secure the best deal they can do for you which may not necessarily be the deal you were originally offered. I have been struggling for weeks to try and fix my accounts where they fictitiously called Rogers (unauthorized) and told them I had moved to another province in order to get me a better deal. Rogers of course cancelled my services to my dismay and when I inquired as to my so called "promotions' there weren't any. Dont fall for these tricks. They will also have your personal info including DOB so room for identity theft as well. Be warned.

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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

I have received yet another (Probably already reported) scam, phishing, ID Theft type email from a Rogers.com account with psuedo-real Rogers departmental terminology...


Just be warned of fraudulent-based emails especially if they have a Zipped file attached - 100% probability it contains multiple malware, thftware, and potentially REALLY harmful trojans or viruses.


This is what it would looks like - they are practically all the same...



From: CreditControl@rogers.com

Subject: Accounts Documentation - Invoices

Attachment: <numbered file>.zip  OR <numbered file>.PDF


Please find attached the invoice(s) raised on your account today. If you have more than one invoice they will all be in the single attachment above.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Credit Controller who deals with your account.


Alternatively if you do not know the name of the Credit Controller you can contact us at:




Please do not reply to this E-mail as this is a forwarding address only.   <Gotta love this part!!







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Re: WARNING - Email Scam

Toll Free Number:
Account Number:
Account Balance:


Dear xxxxxxxxx,

Our records indicate that your account has been cancelled recently and you have a remaining balance which is overdue.

We would like to assist you with clearing up your account balance. We understand you currently own a Rogers wireless device and we would like to offer you the option of returning this device for a credit which will be applied toward your account balance.

Below is the Rogers equipment that is listed on your account which we are prepared to accept for return:


EquipmentEquipment Credit AmountIMEI Number


In order to receive the Equipment Credit, the above listed device must be returned in good working condition with no physical or water/moisture damage and the battery must be included. The device lock (such as “Find my iPhone”) must also be removed.

For more information or to obtain a return kit please contact On Process Technology toll free at 1-844-278-3339.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Rogers Communications

Please do not reply to this e-mail. This is an outgoing message only.

Thank you for choosing Rogers.

If you have additional questions or require further information, visit www.rogers.com. This e-mail (and attachment(s)) is confidential; if you are not the intended recipient please delete it immediately without keeping a copy.
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Re: WARNING - Email Scam


Hello, @dchenatte


Thank you for joining and posting in the Community. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please disregard/delete that email.