Smishing message from "ROGERS"

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Re: Smishing message from "ROGERS"

Hello @hlee,


Congratulations on your very first post! There are quite a few scams out there these days, so better safe than sorry! 👍


Typically speaking, Rogers wouldn't send you a text message offering you a random gift. Sometimes we do offer a "gift with purchase" promotions, but this is normally only if you are activating a new product or service, or doing some sort of hardware upgrade for example.


The text message you received is likely a smishing scam and I would recommend collecting the following information:

  • The number that sent the text message
  • The contents of the text message

And report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre using one of the following methods:



By Phone: 1-888-495-8501.


Just a reminder to never:

  • Share personal information.
  • Click on any links or open any attachments if they are suspicious.

For more information and tips on how to handle these types of scenarios, please CLICK HERE


I hope this helps!


I've Been Around
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Re: Smishing message from "ROGERS"

Suspected Scam: 97232 Hey! It's Rogers


Just received this message that looks like a Scam?? 


From number: 97232

Message text: Hey ! It's Rogers. 

Urgent Message related with your phone number :

(potentially dangerous link removed)


Did not click on the link - but Rogers should probably get that number shut down if it can so nobody else does.

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Re: Smishing message from "ROGERS"

Hello @LAinYYC!


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your very first post! We really appreciate your assistance in keeping the Community up to date on potentially harmful SPAM that may be coming their way! 🙂


Feel free to review my post above for ways to determine if a "Rogers" text message is SPAM and how to report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


A few other tips which were mentioned earlier in this thread explain ways to block the unwanted messages. Please see below:


• Forward the content of the Message to 7726 (SPAM), to register it for investigation and blocking from Rogers network (messages sent to 7726 will be analysed in batches as they are received. If a trend is identified as SPAM it will be blocked from our network).

• Through the Messaging app on your phone: in the Options/Settings, select to block the sender from your phone.


Kind regards!



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Re: Smishing message from "ROGERS"

I just received a Smishing text saying:
Hey! It's Rogers. Important Notice
With a URL below: (Removed Potentially Malicious Link - RogersTony)
clicked the link and the site states:
You have been overcharged and asks for banking information.
I clearly did not provide banking details and exited the site.
I want to report this as fraud to Rogers.

I've Been Around
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Re: Smishing message from "ROGERS"

Rogers money refund text


At least I knew that this was not a possibility but concerned that others may click on the link