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Scam Emails from Addresses

I plan to stick around

I keep recieving numerous Rogers scam emails. Now my wife who uses very litttle email is getting the same scams. Is someone at rogers selling our email addresses to these scammers??? How would they get my wifes email address when she uses it very little and with only close contacts. First it was fake " Your rogers bill is available " now its " Your claassic email is expiring and you need to update your account" When is rogers going to do something about this?? A company size of rogers cant get this investigated and proscute the scammers. Who at rogers is sharing our personal info email address etc??? Why do all the emails have a name followed by @rogers ???
Does rogers not have a secure system that can filter out these bogus emails??? Im sure there is plenty of not so tech saavy older folks been scammed by these morons!!! Rogers needs to be proactive vs reactive. GET IT FIXED ROGERS!!!!


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Re: Scam Emails from Addresses

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The way spammers usually get your email address is most often hacked accounts and data breaches.  The data breach can be any company you do business with, it does not necessarily have to be a rogers data breach.


Lets say you have a friend you like to email back and forth with, if their account got hacked and  your email address happens to be one of their contacts, then the spammer will collect those and spam you.


Lets say you do business with a company and / or communicate with them via email, they had a data breach, and bam, your email will be collected and you will receive spam.


There is not much rogers can do, some of these spammers are overseas where our law does not often apply and the other countries law enforcement wont take these requests seriously.  You can keep reporting them as junk as this will improve the algorithm 

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